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What we do.

Bump your message.

We align your product offer with your marketing message, so you attract customers, grow faster and think bigger. We do this by building your client acquisition strategy with an enticing offer that converts cold leads into hot clients

Bump your conversions.

We build your marketing machine to automate and streamline your awesome business. We map out how you attract the right clients, how you convert and nurture existing clients and how your revive the old clients automagically.

Bump your sales.

Increase revenue and reduce the time it takes to close deals by implementing marketing systems that are aligned with your business strategy. You get a predictable and scalable business model that attracts clients on autopilot.

Who we help.

Start ups

We can help you create marketing strategy to validate your ideas, keep track of your key marketing metrics. Convert more testers and trial users into loyal customers.

E-Commerce Business Owners

Whether you’re using WooCommerce, Shopify or BigCommerce, you need a system to help you turn those one time buyers into raving fans. Increase your revenue goals through funnels designed to convert more strangers into customers.


Hire an expert white-label automation team to help you roll out your clients’ sales and marketing funnels. We build complete automation systems including email design through to copywriting.

Coaches, Consultants and B2B businesses

We help online retailers and business owners attract the right clients, convert strangers into leads, save time and increase revenue.

What our customers say.

“We engaged Bumper Leads to help us create a marketing strategy which resulted in an ROI of 100% from a single product launch. Since then, they’ve helped us migrate from previous CRM’s across to ActiveCampaign, including integrations with WooCommerce and ActiveCampaign. The new technology set-up is perfect for our growing needs.These guys made everything so easy for us and we’re now working with them on even bigger and better things.”

thumb_01_60_60Katrina Aarsman

Bookkeepers HQ

“Ummm I just can’t stop singing the praises of Bumper Leads – .62 cent conversions to my Everwebinar funnel — Holyyyyy Moly… Not only my Webinar conversions, but overall, I am now getting conversions for 64 cents from my Facebook ads! Not clicks… but people opting into my email list (Holy Cow)!”

thumb_01_60_60Kimberly George

Your Chic Geek

“Ever since we launched our new website with built-in marketing automation, we’ve received lots of new contacts and donations from it. Our volunteer application process was automated which saved us huge amounts of time. Thanks for the help. Seriously… You are AMAZING.”

thumb_01_60_60Deb Jarrett

Dharamsala Animal Rescue

“The team at Bumper Leads helped us improve our lead conversion rate by 20%. We now attract more customers and have a steady flow of new leads coming in on a daily basis from our website. You guys are amazing! Thank you so much!”

thumb_01_60_60Naomi Sipus

School Pride Accessories

About us.

The foundation of every great automation begins with a strong marketing message. With the right strategy, the right equipment and the right support team in place, you will begin to attract the right clients and convert more followers into raving fans.

Just like a race car, marketing automation is the engine that can move your business from idling to full throttle in no time. The Bumper Leads team can help your business run like a super car yet on the smell of an oily rag.

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Our values and what we stand for.

Do more with less.

Smile, share & give.

No 'fluff' marketing advice.

Fun & coolness.

Strict no douchebag policy.

Our values and what we stand for.

Do more with less.

Smile, share & give.

No 'fluff' marketing advice.

Fun & coolness.

Strict no douchebag policy.