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Optimise ActiveCampaign for maximum conversions and consistent sales

Our ActiveCampaign Experts work with you to help you simplify and automate your sales and marketing systems to save you time and money

“The team at Bumper Leads have been instrumental in automating my marketing and messaging. My recent program launch is 50% up on previous and my community are enjoying personalised messaging, creating engagement and enabling me to reach more people whilst retaining the personal touch. They’re also professional, friendly, helpful, efficient and a pleasure to work with!”



How we work

No matter the size or age of your organisation, here are some of the ways ActiveCampaign Experts could help you:

Help you simplify and automate manual tasks to save you time and money

Revive old customers and maximise their lifetime value through powerful pipelines

Integrate marketing and sales data across teams for better transparency and ROI

Analyse exactly where your marketing is working and where it is not

Build a streamlined customer on-boarding experience for maximum retention

Save hours each week on inefficient and repetitive admin and marketing processes

By working with our team at  Bumper Leads, you’re taking all the guesswork out of using ActiveCampaign. This frees up more time, energy and money to work on the areas of your business that you love.

Industries We Work With

Bumper Leads work with many different types of businesses and we have proven results in a range of verticals.


• Advanced segmenting • Optimised flows • SMS marketing

The problem

An Australian beauty and skincare brand had recently been through a rebranding process and signed up to ActiveCampaign. But their few funnels weren’t performing. They also wanted to have a better way to segment their leads and customers, so they could send more personalised emails based on their customer’s interests to drive higher sales.

The solution

The owners of the business purchased their customised Bumper Blueprint and learned just how many opportunities they were missing. Based on their Blueprint findings, we quickly got to work by fixing up their existing flows. We introduced a multistep segmentation form to collect more data about their leads, and created birthday specific funnels, automated survey and follow ups with existing customers, and more. We also introduced SMS marketing which took off like a rocket!


From a clunky outdated platform to a sleek automated marketing solution

The problem

Owners of a mechanical engineering repair business was going through an ISO1000 process, and wanted to have a seamless way to integrate a marketing automation solution with their existing business. They had tried to set it up on their own before realising how overwhelming it can be. Although quite tech savvy, the company needed strategy and direction.

The solution

One of the standout things we noticed during their personalised Bumper Blueprint session was that the business wasn’t using the best platform for its needs. We migrated them from their old CRM to a better and more agile platform. Then we implemented a whole marketing automation solution that has transformed their business. Which included new ways to capture walk-in leads, something they had no clear process for doing before.


Improved email open rates from 5.44% to 46.30%

The problem

A luxury surf holiday provider was having email deliverability problems that were stopping them from reaching their full audience. With just a 5.44% open rate and click rate of just 0.88%, we knew that there was something significant strangling their communications. And it was costing them thousands in lost revenue.

The solution

After reviewing their ActiveCampaign system settings and past sending data, we isolated several key issues including incomplete DKIM setup and incorrect campaign protocols. They also had not been maintaining their list hygiene and were sending to subscribers that had not engaged with them for over a year. Which was damaging their sending reputation and sending their emails straight to the spam box!

The result

After fixing their setup issues and installing proper segmenting and campaign sending protocols, we improved their open rate dramatically – from 5.44% to a whopping 46.30%. Their click rates improved as well from 0.88% to 3.24%. An incredible result we were all very excited to see!


Integrated marketing and a 500% increase in event registrations

The problem

A large online training provider needed an agile, scalable system that could help them deliver a gold standard training experience to their students as they grew. Having had an unsuccessful partnership with a previous consultant who wasn’t up to standard before coming to us, they were under the pump to get up and running. They hired us to help them roll out a solution in less than 4 weeks, train their sales teams and offer them ongoing support.

The solution

During their personalised Bumper Blueprint workshop, we identified the technology they needed to be using, and how it needed to be used to reach their business goals. We integrated WordPress, Acuity and ActiveCampaign, as well as SMS messaging and automated email marketing to keep their classes full of paying students.

The result

We’ve been supporting this online training provider since 2018 and continue to do so. We are their marketing automation partner, offering ongoing advice they continue to profit from. For example, one change we suggested they make to their email timings resulted in a 500% increase in event registrations.


1000% sales success in the new online world

The problem

One of Australia’s leading retailers of second-hand clothes and household goods had to shut its stores during the pandemic. If they were to stay alive, they needed to pivot to an online model – fast. Fairly new to the ecom world and with a new custom built website, they needed to find a great marketing automation solution to help them scale their brand beyond their brick-and-mortar storefronts.

The solution

The company’s large marketing department needed some guidance on how to navigate the world of marketing automation. Our Bumper Blueprint helped clarify how to separate retail buyers from donors or volunteers; and most importantly how to nurture each group so that their brand stays front of mind.

We integrated their new marketing automation system to work with their highly customized website, which then fed into complex enterprise level POS systems. We developed a robust email marketing system, with weekly specials on each day of the week representing a unique offering, driven by the ‘one-off’ nature of their goods.

The result

Now different segments such as donors and volunteers have a nurturing funnel which wasn’t something that they imagined initially could work. Also, newsletters that previously had to be updated manually are now automated so that each weekly special now runs as a part of the sales process rather than a weekly manual campaign. Each automation generates 1000% in sales.


An instant boost in user engagement and revenue

The problem

An online Will creation and management platform came to us with a churn problem to solve. Although they had been in business for 9 years, they had never put a marketing automation system in place. So they were finding that user drop-off was significant due to lack of follow-up and reminders to users to keep their Will up to date. They needed a system to segment their users and stay front-of-mind to bring users back to the platform regularly.

The solution

After running a Bumper Blueprint workshop, we found that the most pressing importance was for the business to reduce churn by segmenting leads and sending them timely messages. We implemented automated messaging to show users how to use the platform and encourage them to complete the Will creation process. We worked with Zoho CRM and merged their sales and marketing automations together to include ongoing personalised touchpoints as well.

The result

The business has seen an instant boost in their user engagement on their platform, with more sales and annual renewals than ever before. They are also now able to upsell different products offered through their large partners, further adding to their revenue.

Coaching & Consulting

Bespoke sales funnels and less manual work

The problem

A mortgage broker consulting business came to us overwhelmed by manual tasks. Their CRM’s native integration with ActiveCampaign had stopped working, so they were sending out newsletters manually to clients using Mailchimp. This was getting too hard to manage as they were very busy! So their goal was to simplify everything so they could help more clients without working harder.

The solution

Together we workshopped and implemented individual sales funnels for each broker to help them convert more leads into clients with less manual work. We also streamlined their technology, integrating a new CRM without having to upgrade or increase their monthly technology costs. This eliminated a need for Mailchimp since their new CRM can handle both. They were super thrilled and have more time than ever before to focus on what matters most. We’re currently working on replicating our solution to all of their brokers, which is going to further transform their business.


See actual Before and After screenshots straight from ActiveCampaign – an eCommerce client.

Store Revenue without automations

$95,000 extra revenue from automations and campaigns 

We apply our 6-step success model to every project we take on

After years of helping our clients grow their businesses, we’ve streamlined our process into a 6 step system that attracts and converts customers in the fastest way possible and without the tech overwhelm.

We call it the Bumper Blueprint.

The Bumper Blueprint clarifies your sales and marketing process so you can:


Capture more leads and turn them into paying customers


Nurture more of your ideal customers into a transaction


Retain more customers and keep their brand loyalty high


Free up time so you can focus on the fun things in your business

Bumper Blueprint - Marketing Growth System Framework


The Bumper Blueprint™

Work with us privately to grow your business. Our Bumper Blueprint™ clarifies your sales & marketing process so customers buy more products & services from you. If you’re a Small to Medium sized business we can help you save time and money by simplifying your sales and marketing systems. We work with you through 1:1 strategy consulting, implementation and online training.

Click the button to learn more about The Bumper Blueprint and how it helps your business.

$3000 per brand

Ongoing Work With a Dedicated ActiveCampaign Expert

We like to enjoy doing business, and that means working closely with our clients. So we’re here to personally help you when you get stuck or need help with AC.

That means not getting buried in a ticketed system, or outsourced ‘computer says no’ response, ever.

Do you want to send regular newsletters? Do you need help designing and automating your sales process and CRM pipeline? Need us to review and optimise your existing campaign and automation performance? Help with ActiveCampaign tags and segmentation? Or even train your new team members on best practice AC? We are your dedicated ActiveCampaign support team, working for you to help you grow your business using the power of ActiveCampaign and other online tools!

$1250* per month


You’ve got an online store and sales are OK… but they could be much, much better.

With our personalized training, you can have your very own Marketing Growth System that attracts customers to your business automatically and helps you sell more products and services. Book a chat if you’re interested in setting up your sales and marketing system in house, with our training and guidance.

Whether it’s Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Magento, our ActiveCampaign experts have done it all.

$1850 over 6 weeks

Custom Projects

You want to integrate your favourite CRM with ActiveCampaign?

Or you run a SaaS business and want to connect your software with ActiveCampaign?

Maybe you’re in need of an advanced automation specialist on hand to help you strategise, plan and implement custom sequences for your business?

We help you simplify and automate your sales and marketing systems to save you time an money.

We’ve also fine tuned WP Fusion, AccessAlly or Learndash for memberships and many more similar app integrations with ActiveCampaign. 

Available on request

*Prices exclude ActiveCampaign fee and project set-up costs



“We’ve tried to setup funnels ourselves and nothing was working. After hiring Bumper Leads, our online sales doubled. Our Reviews Funnels generated over 70 5-star reviews in less than 90 days! Since then, we’ve been approached by large department stores. Jovana and Milena’s expertise has simplified our nurturing leads process and the automation has helped streamline our wholesale operations, saving us valuable time. Highly recommend Bumper Leads.”


ActiveCampaign Experts helping client with online business strategies

“I get sales muscle help from Jovana and the team at Bumper Leads. I love how they help me better manage my sales funnels. The best part of working with them is that they make practical and awesome suggestions for ways to better automate my business. Things I could never have imagined or realised was even possible.”


Are you ready to optimise your ActiveCampaign and take back control of your business? It’s time to take action!


Schedule a quick chat


We discuss your marketing automation blueprint for your business


Feel excited about your business again

Give us 30 minutes of your time and we’ll audit your current processes and show you 3+ ways you can use simple automations to bump up your profits immediately.

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I could make an instant connection with Bumper Leads and felt that I’m talking to someone who can understand the needs of my business. Both Jovana and Corey helped and made suggestions which were the best for my business rather than what was best for them. I have worked with a few marketing agencies and I can assure you that none of them come close to the prompt, reliable and friendly service Bumper Leads team provide.


Ever since we launched our new website with built-in marketing automation, we’ve received lots of new contacts and donations from it. Our volunteer application process was automated which saved us huge amounts of time. Thanks for the help. Seriously… You are AMAZING.


Online business strategy with ActiveCampaign Experts
ActiveCampaign experts help out a business coach

We engaged Bumper Leads to help us create a marketing strategy which resulted in an ROI of 100% from a single product launch. Since then, they’ve helped us migrate from previous CRM’s across to ActiveCampaign, including integrations with WooCommerce and ActiveCampaign. The new technology set-up is perfect for our growing needs. These guys made everything so easy for us and we’re now working with them on even bigger and better things.


Meet your ActiveCampaign Experts

ActiveCampaign Experts

We’re a team of marketing automation specialists who help you simplify and automate your sales and marketing systems to save you time and money.

We’re known for making marketing automation simple. We have real business experience and we believe in putting humans first, above technology.

Rest assured, we’ve got it all figured out with our 6-step Bumper Blueprint. It’s designed to streamline your sales and marketing, making customers come back for more, again and again, saving you both time and money

ActiveCampaign Expert



Head Honcho, Karate Kid, The Evil Twin Sister

After creating multiple successful businesses ourselves, the Bumper Leads team know what it takes to make a business work for us – not the other way around.

Our goal is to integrate your entire marketing system into a simplified and cohesive machine that runs like clockwork (even when you’re on holiday).

Because business should be fun. IT should support you to live the lifestyle you want. And it most of all, it should run without needing you for every little thing.

We’re here to show you how.

ActiveCampaign Expert

Corey Kirkby

Marketing Automation Specialist

Our detail-driven systems guy (who also blogs about craft beer)

ActiveCampaign Expert

Milena Vujnic

Automation & Integration Specialist

Tech geek and podcast queen; also known as The Crazy Twin Sister

Email Copywriter and List Manager

Sam Wallis

Email Copywriter and List Manager

aka Wonder Woman (we still haven’t found anything she can’t do)

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We believe in connecting people with people – it’s our simple philosophy.


Successful marketing growth systems need a smart plan.


We find joy in discovering smarter ways to grow your business.


Your wild marketing ideas executed with precision.


We want you to feel excited about growing your business every day.


Achieve human connections with your customers online.


Evolve your business for the future.

Do you need help optimising ActiveCampaign for your business?

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Find out just how far marketing automation with ActiveCampaign can help you take your business.

You can book an appointment by clicking on the button below. Give us 30 minutes of your time and we’ll audit your current processes and show you 3+ ways you can use simple automations to bump up your profits immediately.

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