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Black Friday Email Marketing: How to Get Customers Back After Black Friday


Most businesses make their biggest revenue during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions.

In 2021, it was reported in The Guardian online publication dated 26th November 2021, that retailers will earn an estimated $5.6 bn in sales, during just that one weekend!

“ Retailers are expecting a record multibillion dollar spend-up this weekend as Australians buy into the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. The National Retailers Association is forecasting $5.6bn in sales over the weekend, 8% higher than last year’s discount sales event.

Of this, $2bn is expected to be spent on online sales.”

In 2023 Shopify reported ‘Shopify merchants break Black Friday record with $4.1 billion in sales.’

And also an analysis by National Australia Bank:

“An analysis by National Australia Bank estimates almost $1m a minute will be spent during the sales.“

But the end of Black Friday and Cyber Monday doesn’t mean your sales and marketing have to stop!

In this post, we share a few strategies to get you thinking about what you can do to bring your customers back long AFTER the sales rush of Black Friday is over!

The following tips we’re about to share, apply to any type of business – whether you have an online store or not! You can make it work in your business.

Let’s dive in.


Black Friday Email Marketing: Life After Black Friday and Beyond


#1 Customer Surveys


End of Black Friday is a perfect time to do Customer Surveys – we recommend you provide a short incentive to encourage people to do the surveys. For example, a small discount if you’re an online store or a handwritten thank-you card if you’re a coach. (See point #3) How often do you see handwritten notes nowadays? Customers will be delighted to receive something so personal from you.


#2 Ask for a Google Review


When was the last time you asked for a Google Review? A great time to ask for a Google review after a customer makes a purchase. We recommend about a 15-20 day wait period after the purchase, however this may depend on the type of product they buy. The wait period of 15-20 days would allow for the packing, shipping times and the time the customer needs to test the product before they’re ready to review it.


#3 A Handwritten Thank-You Card


Send a hand-written Thank You card to your VIPs! Or to your would-be VIP’s – the ones who have made more than one purchase with you. A handwritten card might just persuade them to make another purchase. The cards are a personal touch that can build closer relationships with your prospects and customers.


#4 Gift Cards (for an online store)


Gift cards – there are always people who do their Christmas shopping “last minute” and gift cards don’t require shipping!


#5 Create Product Bundles


Bundles – can you create bundles with your products? This can work for both the physical and digital products! And if packaged and presented nicely, it can help you gain more loyal customers.


#6 Plan an Online Course


Have you been thinking of creating online courses? Or launching a new product? If you’ve already got an idea for a course, now is a great time to create a buzz around your course. Set a launch date some time early January/February and start your campaign pre-selling the course so people are ready to join it next year. (Check out this blog post to help you launch it)


#6 Themed Emails


Email marketing doesn’t stop after Black Friday. Being close to the end of the year a lot of people would be setting goals for the upcoming New Year. Create EDM’s around some common New Year’s resolutions, horoscope signs, favourite movies or celebrities and also personality types.


That’s all we got for you so far. Can you think of any more?




We’ve shared the above list to get your creative juices flowing and start thinking about how you can apply these ideas to your business.

There’s no doubt the Thank-you cards and Customer Surveys will build a closer relationship with your customers (i.e. it won’t feel like just another transaction.)

The good news is that the majority of the stuff we’ve listed above, you can automate with email marketing automation if you have tools like ActiveCampaign. Set it up once and you’ll be good to go for the years to come.

If you need help in setting up automated emails, or applying any of the ideas we’ve listed above – just reach out to us when you’re ready! We love doing these types of automations because we can see results almost immediately!

You can also follow us on Instagram where we post more marketing automation tips for business owners.




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