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Our job as marketers is to reach consumers at every stage of the marketing funnel. Every business’s customer journey will look a little different, as will the stages in your marketing funnel. However, there is the common consensus that effective marketing funnels loosely follow the AIDA model:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Desire/Decision
  4. Action

marketing funnel stages: awareness, interest, desire, action

Marketing in the digital world we live in today is a little bit more complicated than it used to be though.

Creating awareness and generating interest is relatively easy with the likes of social media and banner ads:

“Look how cool this new gadget is!”

“Download our magic weight loss formula for free!”

Demanding action is also easily done:

“Limited time offer! Get 10% off if you order by today!”

But, many marketers seem to have forgotten a crucial stage in the marketing funnel… the desire/decision stage. This is where we are responsible for nurturing our leads to the point where they are persuaded to commit. This is where they decide that they really want to be your customer. This is where your prospects seek out more information about your product – what ingredients do you use, where is your product manufactured, how sustainable are your practices, how much support to you¬†provide to your customers, etc. This is also where they look for customer reviews and testimonials and look for affirmation for the decision they are about to make.

This information-rich stage is absolutely crucial, but how can we get this information in front of our prospects’ eyes? How can we give them the information they need to navigate the mind-boggling options they have and help them make the right decision? Unfortunately, addressing this stage can feel like a mammoth task for many marketers because online consumers have such short and fickle attention spans. If you put out an ad, you pretty much have just a few seconds to attract attention and transfer your message before they click on the little ‘x’ and banish your ad forever (well, not exactly forever, but close enough).

An effective marketing funnel takes control of this stage and leaves nothing to chance. You want this to be cleverly automated without being creepy, and you want this to address your prospects questions, doubts, and their need for affirmation. This is where marketing automation tools like Active Campaign comes to your rescue.

According to Smart Insights, email marketing is still THE most effective tool in the savvy digital marketer’s toolbox. Consumers expect to be communicated with by brands in an enhanced, personalised manner, and the best way to do so is by understanding each touchpoint in your customer’s journey with your brand and be there at every point.

Email marketing has come a long way in recent years and now we’re able to respond to our prospects and customers automatically based on their behaviour, interests, responses, and more. All it takes is some strategic planning and setting up smart automated email campaigns.

Not sure what email content to include in this stage of your marketing funnel? Try these:


Compile a list of the most frequently asked questions you answer regularly. Put it all succinctly in an email, or put it on your website and encourage your prospects to click through to read more.

Product videos

If you are selling revolutionary vegan, healthy bacon-flavoured seasoning (like Deliciou), create some irresistible recipe videos that gives your prospects ideas as to how they can use your product. Make it easy for them to visualise the benefits they can enjoy with your product.


Address their need for affirmation and social proof by sending them testimonials from happy customers. If you have awesome reviews from social influencers, this is the time to showcase them.

Make it personal

Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a video of yourself talking directly to your prospective customer, telling them about yourself, your brand, your products, and show them why they should trust you. Online shopping can be very impersonal – break down those barriers and make it personal!

Addressing this oft-forgotten stage in your marketing funnel has the potential to take your business to a whole new level. If you’d like some help in this area, we have marketing automation specialists that will help you set it up painlessly.

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