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Email Marketing: How to Avoid Another Social Media Meltdown


Can you imagine Facebook and Instagram to ever go ‘DOWN’? Well in today’s post we talk about how you can avoid another Social Media meltdown with Email Marketing Automation.

If you’re a business owner who uses social media for marketing, this could impact your business greatly. It could cause a huge dip in your revenue. Especially if you’re running a six-or-seven-figure business that relies solely on social media advertising.

In October and November of this year (2021) the Social Media giant went off the rails.

It went offline. More than twice, in fact.

It was around the time when Facebook announced their new brand called ‘Metaverse.’

Everyone around the world was affected by the social media outage. This is just a stark warning that if you rely on Facebook and Instagram as an only means of communicating with your customers then you might be in big trouble, my friends.


So, how do you ensure you don’t get affected by another Social Media outage?


Let’s make you ready in case there’s another social media outage!

As we’ve learnt from this latest outage, it can be risky if your entire business depends on third-party platforms where you have little to no control.

Granted. Social media has its place for business owners. It makes you visible to the world and helps you stand out from the competition. And that’s all great.

But business owners need to focus on the stuff they can control.

For example, email marketing.


Email marketing is your best insurance policy for when social media goes through another meltdown.


It gives you more control over your business.

You have control over who enters your mailing list. You can be in control of building a database of your prospects and customers as well as decide how (and when) you interact with them.

So that the next time Facebook decides to hit the snooze button, you can still communicate with your prospects and customers via EMAIL.


Email Marketing and Social Media


Email marketing has so many unique advantages: beautiful templates, powerful automations, audience segmentation, and the ability to do things that you simply can’t do with social media.

If you send the right emails, you’ll get more followers, more leads and more sales! (How do we know this? Well, we’ve seen it in action, we work with clients who get huge results by incorporating email marketing in their business. Click here to chat to us if you need help with email marketing.)

There’s a reason why email marketing has been around for so long. Because IT WORKS.

Email marketing is a way to FUTURE-PROOF your business so you don’t solely rely on social media platforms for communicating with leads and customers.

Don’t get us wrong.

We see Social Media to be complementary to your overall email marketing strategy.

Social media marketing is great for brand exposure and awareness.

The prospects will ‘stalk’ your social media channels to check if you’re current, credible and know your stuff – e.g. where you appear as an expert in your field. It’s a platform where you can visually showcase your expertise.

After seeing you on socials, they’ll jump on your website to learn more about what you do, and whether you’d be the right fit for them.

If a prospect is happy with what they see on your social media platforms, they’ll want to go to the next step. How do they connect with you further?

The prospects might be in a rush when they’re browsing your profile. But they’d still want to keep in touch with you.

One way to capture prospects into your database, is to offer them a gift to download.

Have you got a gift that they can download?

Remember, your mailing list is your business asset. That’s where you store all the gold nuggets about your customers and prospects so you can send them relevant emails. Emails they’d be interested in receiving.

Your mailing list is something you can control. It allows you to run your business even when the Social Media Giant gets hiccups.




Use social media to build awareness and visibility, but use email marketing to communicate with your clients on a more personal level. When you have email marketing automation in your business you will never ever lose contact with your followers.

What next? Start building your mailing list NOW. If you have trouble coming up with a lead magnet, get in touch with us. We can do this with our eyes closed. We do this every day for our clients so don’t hesitate to get in touch and have a chat with us about building your mailing list.

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Milena Vujnic

Milena Vujnic

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