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The best marketing consultants are always hard to find. If you’re looking to increase revenue or sales, this blog post is for you. We explore how to hire the best marketing consultant or an agency to help you grow your business.

Here at Bumper Leads, we are a bit unique. We focus on one area of digital marketing called marketing automation. But the field of digital marketing is very vast. Here’s a list of specialisations that exist just in the digital marketing space:

  • Website designers
  • SEO providers
  • Paid Advertising specialists
  • Facebook experts
  • Google experts
  • Direct marketing / Copywriters
  • Social media marketers
  • PR
  • Content marketing
  • Technical skills such as API and custom web development solutions
  • Data specialists
  • UX/CX Designers
  • Graphic Designers 

And the list goes on! 

Bumper Leads Marketing Automation Agency

A typical day at the Bumper Leads office.

How do you know which marketing consultant is the right one for your business? 

We believe the best marketing consultants practice their craft every day. 

For example, we work with specialised marketing agencies who only work in their one chosen field – such as website design, marketing and branding experts, SEO and PPC consultants. 

We do this because technologies such as Google, Facebook and others, change their algorithms on a monthly basis – so if you hire someone who does everything, the chances are it will be harder for them to know everything that goes on in the SEO world for example. 

What should someone look for in a great marketing consultant? 

When we look to engage a website designer, we often like to view their portfolio. We also like to know that they are easy to work with – they respond to our emails and phone calls. They also like to educate us on all the features, so that we can make the best decisions for our website.


Jovana from Bumper Leads and Johannah Barton from Confetti Designs – ensuring we always nail that client brief together


Our partner of 4 years is Confetti Designs – they specialise in beautiful websites that convert and offer clever online business strategies to help any business grow online. Together, we have beautified and automated many businesses both online and offline. 

We like their approach to website building and especially to the care they give their clients. 

Another company we like to work with who do an amazing job with website designs is The Business Hood. They are run by Basic Bananas, who specializes in education and marketing training for small business owners.   If you’re interested in educating yourself about marketing, feel free to check out their Virtual Summit here

As one of our company values is EMPOWERMENT, it is especially important for us that our chosen marketing consultant ( or in this example, a website designer) shares the same values that we do. The Business Hood is one such example of a partner that shares the same business values as us, this gives us confidence to refer business to them.

When looking to hire the best marketing consultant to help you grow your business, we believe it’s important they fit around your business values first. I think this is more important than comparing marketing consultants on prices. 


Because marketing is an investment, and if you invest in a marketing consultant or an agency, you will receive a return on your investment – sometimes it’s immediate and sometimes it can take months or years. At the end of the day, your business is an asset, and you’ll be looking to exit it one day – by investing in marketing, you will be able to exit it with higher multiples (brand equity matters!). 


Warren Buffet famously said – Price is what you pay, value is what you get


This couldn’t be more true than when looking to engage a marketing consultant for your business. 

I always like to compare price versus value. You could look at hiring a marketing consultant in-house versus hiring a consultant via agency. By hiring someone in-house, you are essentially keeping all your IP in your business, but this will take you longer to get “good at marketing”. On another note, if you work with an agency, they would have a bigger portfolio on the types of businesses they work with and can easily tell which campaigns would be a success – thus saving you a lot of time and money down the track.

If in doubt, the best thing to do is educate yourself on what marketing is before you start the recruitment process for the best marketing consultant for your business. Some benefits are intangible – such as branding. 

We’ve recently gone through a rebrand ourselves, you can listen to our recent episode here – How To Build a Rockstar Brand.  

This has created some friction with our SEO consultants who advised that we needed to have more content on the site and remove a lot of images that weren’t serving us. But when our potential clients visit our website, we often receive positive feedback – the website makes them feel ‘happy and excited’. Ultimately, as business owners, it is our decision on what we want to do. 

Hope you found this content useful in helping you determine how to pick the best consultant for your business.

You can always reach out to us here if you have any specific questions about your business before you hire someone to help you.

how to find the best marketing consultant



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