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Webinar Email Marketing: How to Successfully Promote Your Webinar to Your Email List


So you’re planning to run Webinars in your business? We find that most of our clients use Webinars to replace their 1:1 sales calls which can be both time consuming and limiting. Using Webinars, whether they are hosted live or pre-recorded, helps your sales teams have the same conversations but reach many more potential clients. So if your goal is to grow your business through webinars, then you’re in the right place as we share some of our strategies that work for our clients.

According to Bobby Umar, a business leadership expert: “Webinars are the type of content that starts future conversations for your work or packages.” ~ Source

Webinars REALLY are a powerful lead generation tool.

We’ve seen it in action here at Bumper Leads. Some of our clients run webinars twice a month with a high attendance rate, and some hold them twice a year again with a high attendance rate.

On both occasions, Webinars give them a 20-40% conversion rate! (Yup you’ve heard that right!)

Conversion rate meaning, at least 20% of people attending your webinar are most likely going to become your clients.

In this post, we talk about how email marketing can help you promote your new webinar and how you can use it to gain new customers and grow your business.

Let’s get crackin’!


Webinar Promotion with Email Marketing


We’ve all attended webinars by now. They’re super common online. Webinars can be free and offer educational content, or be informative and used to highlight common problems in specific industries. They can also offer a solution to a problem in the form of a sales pitch.

If you’re planning on promoting your masterminds, courses and paid workshops, it’s definitely a good idea to do a sales pitch at the end of the webinar. Don’t miss the opportunity to promote your products and services on a webinar.

In fact, you’ll be doing attendees a disservice if you don’t offer your ‘solution’ at the end of the webinar. People are keen to take action on something that solves their problems.

Note, if you feel uneasy about having a sales pitch at the end of a webinar, don’t worry. Just be honest with your attendees and let them know upfront that you will talk about a ‘solution’ to the problem you’ve identified in the industry and if they wish to stay till the end, that they’d be welcomed to. You might even entice them with a gift so they stay on till the end.

The objective of your webinar will help with the overall webinar marketing strategy: i.e. it will help with email prep in promoting it to your target audience and also with nurturing after the webinar is finished.

Need help in setting up webinar follow up emails? Click here to chat to us when you’re ready!


Webinar Promotion Email Examples


The following is what we see works when promoting your webinar.

  • Line up six or seven emails at least two weeks out from the webinar start date
  • The first email asks your audience a question about a specific topic. (This is the topic your webinar will be about). For example, ask your audience what their number one problem is when it comes to…. [insert webinar topic].
  • The following couple of emails talk about your personal experience, or your clients’ experiences, and what you see is happening in the industry overall. Tell them you have a solution to this problem, tease them with a solution and urge your subscribers to open your next email.
  • The email number three/four introduces your webinar and asks people to register.
  • Share a sneak-peek into your webinar slide deck. Keep teasing your subscribers.
  • Send a couple of more emails closer to the date and another email ONE HOUR before the webinar starts.
  • And finally, send an email on the hour the webinar starts, eg Subject line: “We’re live now!”. This is an important reminder email to send out to your list especially to those who are sitting on the fence. We’ve seen more people join webinars after this last-minute email reminder.

If you need help with setting up your webinar promotional emails, please click here to get in touch with us.


Webinar Follow up email subject lines


Here are a few examples of webinar subject lines that generate good lead conversions:

  • Can I ask you a quick question?
  • The number #1 mistake people make….
  • Free Webinar: [insert topic]
  • Your questions answered
  • Live in 1 hour!


Post-Webinar Email Sequence: What do you do after a webinar?


The following is what we see works currently as the best post-webinar sequence for our clients:

  • Line up five or six emails, the first one to go out right after the webinar, the rest one or two days apart.
  • The first email thanks everyone for attending with a brief summary of the webinar and a replay link
  • Inside the remaining emails, highlight your successful clients, include testimonials, social proof to get people excited so they sign up for your services.
  • If you offer a special deal inside the webinar, then add it to your follow up emails. Insert a count-down timer that lets your audience know the offer is about to expire. (Note: make sure you honor the expiration date, people shouldn’t be able to claim the offer after the expiry.)

TIP: include a clear call-to-action blurb in all of your emails to remind people to join your ‘mastermind’, sign up for your services, jump on a call with you, etc. whatever you decided to promote on the webinar. Post-webinar email series is another opportunity for you to “sell” your products and services.


Best Webinar Platforms for Small Business Owners


We see this question pop up often with our clients: What’s the best tool for running webinars (live and recorded) which can work seamlessly with ActiveCampaign/ConvertKit/Mailchmp?

We mostly work with ActiveCampaign but there are other Email Marketing providers such as Omnisend, Moosend, Mailchimp, etc. that you could use to help you promote your webinar.

If you need help with selecting the right webinar platform for your business, please click here to get in touch with us so we can help.


Here are the two webinar platforms we recommend


  • Zoom – Some of our clients use Zoom for webinars. However, you’ll have to upgrade Zoom and also use a third-party tool like Zapier or Make (previously known as Integromat) to integrate with your email marketing provider. This step is a bit more involved, so if you need help in setting up a Zoom webinar, please reach out to us!
  • EasyWebinars – as the name suggests, this is an easy-to-use webinar platform and has all the reminder, follow up emails templated inside the platform. You can also easily record the webinar and integrate with your Email Marketing service (or even Zapier). Reach out to us if you get stuck!


All these platforms can work for you but before selecting the platform, ask yourself the question: how often are you planning to run webinars? If it’s only a couple of months, then it’s worth investing in platforms such as EasyWebinars. You can signup to get a 30-day free trial with Easy Webinar here.






As you can see there’s a lot involved when it comes to running webinars. We’ve only shared a smidgen of what we do for webinar with our clients. If you get stuck on promoting your webinars, reach out to us here and our team will be glad to help you.

The most important thing to remember is, before deciding on which tool to use for your webinar, you first need a plan: what’s the webinar about, what will you promote, and the style of webinar you plan to have (informational, how-to, educational, collaboration, etc)? The email marketing and nurturing will rely on this plan.

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