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Marketing Automation Course

Discover How to Automatically Attract More Customers to Your Store, Drive Repeat Sales, Scoop Up Hidden Money, and Boost Your Revenue without Spending Hours Creating Inefficient and Unprofitable Sales Funnels

The Marketing Automation Made Simple Course is perfect for you if you’re ready to boost sales on your online store, learn how to convert strangers into customers and launch automated sales and marketing systems that sell products on autopilot. If this sounds like you then it’s time to implement automated sales funnels to help you grow and scale your store faster and bring back the freedom in your busy work day!

Don’t have time for email marketing? Let’s talk automated sales funnels.

Jovana and Milena
Marketing Automation course

We know that running an online store is time-consuming and overwhelming.

Especially when you’re trying to grow your online store to a multi-six-figure empire, with (and sometimes without!) a small team.

So you dabble in paid ads to drive traffic to your store but all you get is once-off purchases.

Your sales remain stagnant and your store doesn’t grow as fast as you’d hoped.

You follow marketing ‘gurus’ online who use terms such as “lead magnets”, “email list”, “sales funnels” but you don’t know how or where to start with all this.

There are too many platforms out there promising to make email marketing automation easy for you, but which one is the right one for your business? You read blog posts talking about “Mailchimp vs Klaviyo”, “Klaviyo vs ActiveCampaign” but are getting more confused day by day.

When you finally choose the email software, you freeze every time you’re about to send an email out because you’re afraid you might be seen as ‘spammy’ or ‘too salesy’. You worry no one will open your newsletters.

Let’s face it: You don’t have time for email marketing and it’s the last thing you want to do at the end of your busy day processing orders.

Marketing Automation Course Platforms
Business Owner Feeling stressed

From your research, you hear about ‘Marketing Automation’ but the sole idea of “automation” and “systems” sounds too complex to you, so you decide to focus on this later. (Yup. Your ‘To-Do-List’ is now looking more cluttered than before!)

You know there’s a better way to grow your store with marketing automation but you lack the time to learn the technology and figure out the right strategy that you need in order to scale your business with automated systems.

You’re tired of learning new tech and feel stuck because there’s too much to learn and too little time in the day to learn new tricks…on top of everything else that you have to do to keep your store running!

We know this all too well. We’ve worked with many online store owners and these stories sound too familiar to us.

The Good News is That There’s a Simpler, Easier Way to Grow Your Online Store. This is where the Marketing Automation Course comes in.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on various tools to do marketing tasks for you. You only need ONE automated system to manage your sales and marketing.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in hiring new staff to send out newsletters and manually follow up with customers.

With our unique marketing framework called The Bumper Blueprint, we make communicating with your customers and selling more product easy for you!


Deep Dive

We’ve developed The Bumper Blueprint after helping hundreds of clients automate their sales and marketing systems so they can boost their annual revenue and keep customers coming back to their store.

The truth is, you already have everything you need to boost your income. You already have a way of bringing in repeat customers to your store but maybe you just can’t see it yet. In fact, you may be missing out on some ‘easy money’ if you don’t take action now.

There’s money sitting on the table waiting for you to grab it right now!

Our proven framework, The Bumper Blueprint has helped hundreds of clients boost their store revenue, automate order follow ups, track repeat purchases and recover lost abandoned cart money. All of the strategies we have collected over the years are represented in The Bumper Blueprint. And now you, too, can access these same marketing strategies!

We’re not leaving anything behind. We’re laying it all out inside our course called: “Marketing Automation Made Simple”.


The “Marketing Automation Made Simple” Course Will Help You: Attract the Right Customer to Your Store, Nurture New Leads into a Transaction, and Build a List of Loyal Customers, on Autopilot.

With the right abandoned cart email series, our client has managed to increase her annual revenue by 30%!

When we showed one of our clients that her store was potentially losing thousands of dollars every year by not having a system for recouping lost revenue from abandoned carts and automated upselling, she realised that she’d been missing out big time!

With the right Abandoned Cart email sequence she’s managed to increase her annual revenue by 30%!

And this is just a taste of what Marketing Automation can do for your business.

Inside “The Marketing Automation Made Simple” course, we show you the exact steps you need in order to convert a website stranger into a paying customer. A potential customer who’s going to fall in love with your brand and come back to buy more from you, time and time again.


Sounds complicated?

Well, we’re here to tell you that marketing automation doesn’t have to be complicated. There are simpler, easier ways to deploy sales and marketing systems that work in your business without you having to lift a finger.

When you make the initial investment today, you can have your own marketing automation system that brings you the right customer to your store, 24/7.

Inside our workshop, you’ll set up systems that are agile and that can grow with your business as you go from a small-ish online retailer to becoming a full-fledged ecommerce behemoth.

milena & jovana planning marketing automation course

A Smart Online Marketing System Brings the Right Customer to Your Store, Sells More Product and Gives You Back the Freedom to Work on Your Business.

We’re here to help you say goodbye to tech overwhelm so you can get on with growing your business.

The “Marketing Automation Made Simple” is easy to follow. You won’t be alone building your marketing automation system. We’ll spend time together until you have all the funnels up and running!

Set it up once, come back to review then tweak whenever needed.

The Automated Marketing Growth System Will Transform Your Online Store

The systems and strategies you learn inside this course will transform your business and help you…

Automate your email marketing

Attract the right customer to your store

Sell more product on autopilot

Generate repeat purchases consistently

Enhance customer shopping experience

Stay front of mind with your customers

Keep customers loyal to your brand

Work less, convert more

It’s time to start working ON your business.

The bottom line: The Marketing Automation Made Simple course helps you automate your business so you can have more time in the day to work on your business, and have more control of your marketing and grow your store faster even long after our time together.

Marketing Automation Course: Our Proven System for Automating Your Sales and Marketing Since 2014

ActiveCampaign Experts creators of marketing automation course

Hello, we’re Jovana, Milena and Corey from Bumper Leads.

We help business owners like you attract the right customers to your store, so you can increase your sales and scale your online store fast.

We’ve worked with hundreds of ecommerce businesses. From Shopify to Woocommerce store owners.

Before Bumper Leads was born, we worked in Procurement and Supply Chain for large companies. We also ran an ecommerce business that served both wholesale and retail customers.

As soon as we implemented Marketing Automation Systems in our ecom business, we saw an immediate benefit to our bottom line as well as time saved in chasing up wholesalers and customers. On the very first campaign we ran, we ended up clearing stock without hiring extra sales staff! The systems we implemented made our business more scalable and profitable.

Working with small business owners and online store owners, in every niche you can imagine, we discovered that they all need ONE thing to make them more money and scale.

They need a Marketing Growth System that helps them attract the right people to their store, keeps them loyal to their brand and gives them repeat purchases on autopilot.

Introducing our bespoke Marketing Growth System called The Bumper Blueprint. It’s our proven framework for growing online businesses.

The systems that got you to $100,000 won’t get you to $1,000,000

With our Bumper Blueprint we have:

Successfully increased sales of a hair extension online store by 30%

Worked with a health and beauty business where we automated their sales and marketing system and increased their annual revenue by 40%. Most of their sales now come from automated emails rather than through their salon.

Worked with a natural skincare company to systemise their wholesale and retail arm of business. We’ve streamlined both of their systems to allow for automated follow-ups so they can focus on growing their business faster.

Worked with a business that creates beautiful handmade jewellery where we segmented their database based on what the subscribers liked so the relevant messages were being delivered to subscribers (no more spamming!)

After years of perfecting our process, and recording the strategies that work, we’ve decided to take the The Bumper Blueprint digital, so you, too, can have access to the years of knowledge we’ve accumulated since 2014.

You don’t have to waste time with “trial and error” to get everything right. In our course, we share ALL the marketing automation strategies that have helped hundreds of clients grow their eCommerce businesses.

Not only that, we’re one of the first Certified consultants of ActiveCampaign and have also partnered with other platforms such as Klaviyo and Omnisend.

We’ve spent a lot of time in the automation game. We don’t create fancy-looking funnels, we create smart funnels that are optimized for business growth.

milena & jovana at a whiteboard sitting at desk talking about marketing automation course
Relish Mama - Ecommerce Marketing Growth System

“One of the most wonderful companies that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. These guys really know their stuff. They are also incredibly passionate about what they do and what impact it can have on a business. What they have done for our marketing automation is fabulous and I honestly don’t think we would have received the care and such personal service anywhere else. Well done Jovana, Corey & Milena and all the team at Bumper leads and a million thank yous from us.”


Say Hello to “Marketing Automation Made Simple” – A Marketing Automation Strategy Roadmap, an Online Workshop That Will Help Grow Your Store and Sell More Product in Less Than Three Months.

“Marketing Automation Made Simple” is a self-paced online workshop and group coaching program where we guide you in setting up your own sales and marketing systems that will bring the right customers to your store and grow your product sales in less than three months.

During this three-month implementation workshop, we’ll guide you through our proven system for building a mailing list of potential customers, attracting your ideal customers who want to buy from you on repeat so that you can grow and scale your shop faster.

This program really is focused on fast but effective action to get you to the goal in the simplest way possible.

In fact, we’ve helped business owners increase sales between 20-30% just by having two automations set up that track customers’ purchasing behaviour. We helped our clients build a list of VIP customers whom they can nurture regularly and encourage them to buy again and again.

“I have been working with Bumper Leads for two years and I cannot recommend them enough! Jovana is super knowledgeable and always ready to help. As a small business owner, it is so important to have someone like her on your side…”


Insync Designs - Shopify marketing growth system

Here’s How the Marketing Automation Course Works

Each fortnight, you’ll get access to a group coaching and implementation call on Zoom where we’ll take action on one of the eight steps in our “Marketing Automation Made Simple” course.

These calls will help you stay on track and keep you accountable so that you don’t lose focus over the three-month period. It keeps us all committed so by the end of the course you’ll end up with your own Automated Marketing Growth System in less than three months!

We promise not to overwhelm you in these calls. You’ll be part of a small number of business owners who you can network with during and even after the workshop has ended.

Marketing Automation Strategies

In the workshop we spend the first week assessing your current tech set up, look at the ways you currently measure your marketing efforts and then make recommendations on what metrics you should monitor to keep your business ticking along.

We’ve got the tools, email templates and proven strategies to share with you, that you can use straight away in your business to help you sell more products by writing compelling emails and building out sales funnels that sell on autopilot, 24/7.

If you get stuck with the tech, don’t worry we’re here every step of the way to get you unstuck so you can progress quickly in automating your store. You’ll have plenty of time on our Zoom calls to ask questions, bounce ideas off of us, and get personalised feedback.

Here’s What You’ll Discover and Achieve During ‘Marketing Automation Made Simple’ – A Self-Paced Course:

MODULE 1: Develope a Growth System Mindset

In this module, you’ll evaluate the current ‘processes’ you have in your business today.
Before you set up any new systems, and before you build any automations, you’ll need to set your goals and objectives so you can measure if the new systems work for your business. Don’t worry if you’re unsure where to look, we’ll guide you through this step.

There’s nothing worse than investing time and resources into systems that don’t deliver the results you want. This is a crucial step in our process to set you up for success over the next three months.

MODULE 2: Identify the Right Tech Stack You'll Need to Automate Your Store

How much automation do you really need? In this module, you’ll determine what platforms are ideal in your business. From doing simple automation tasks to full blown site tracking and monitoring. Not only that, in this module, you’ll learn the most important metrics to track in your business and how to read data reporting tools such as Google Analytics.

MODULE 3: Choose your Marketing Automation Platform

In module three, we analyse various marketing automation platforms.

We learn all about how marketing automation platforms are structured; and in particular which ones are the best for your ecommerce store.

The idea is that you choose a platform that fits around your marketing growth system that we build together. If you’ve already chosen a platform – that’s great! You will learn more about how segmentation and personalisation features work and why they are important.

MODULE 4: Attract the Right Customers to Your Store

In this module, you’ll map out a process that attracts the right customer to your store. Learn different types of lead magnets and create one that’s perfect for your store. Using our proven templates, you’ll then create a ‘Welcome’ sequence that nurtures leads into paying customers.

We share the workflows that have produced instant results with our customers. From cross-selling their products automatically to launching new products successfully. We have proven workflows – (we’ve seen them in action!) – that have made our customers thousands of dollars in sales!

MODULE 5: Write Persuasive Email Copy That Converts

Put simply: words sell. In this module, you’ll learn how to write compelling email copy that moves your readers to action and keeps them coming back to your store time and time again. Learn best practices for email design and copywriting. We share a tonne of knowledge in this module that you can use on any email you write. 

We share examples of “the good, the bad and the ugly” emails, so you can avoid sending emails that don’t do anything but blast and annoy your list.

MODULE 6: Set up Your Marketing Growth System for Consistent Sales

Get your email marketing automation right from the start.

In this module, we get a bit creative! You’ll create your perfect lead magnet to attract the right leads to your store, as well as landing pages and other pages that contribute to the overall customer experience.

The best way to grow your email list is with an appealing lead magnet. But if you want your subscribers to opt-in, they first need to be inspired. This is where creating a compelling lead magnet comes in.

Interested in SMS Marketing but don’t know how to apply it in your business? This module’s got you covered.

Don’t worry if you get stuck with what to create, you’ll get a chance to bounce off ideas with us. We’ve created many lead magnets in the past, we know what works for any niche.

MODULE 7: Build Smart Email Workflows That Encourage Repeat Sales

Now that you have a lead magnet, email design and copy, it’s now time to create automations that bring you sales night and day.

From creating welcome email sequences to setting up abandoned cart workflows, you’ll implement every possible automation flow for your store.

This module is all about automating your processes to save you time so that you can finally have the freedom back in your day to focus on tasks that will grow your business.

MODULE 8: Optimise Your Marketing System for Growth

How do you know if your new marketing growth system is working? In this module we’ll walk you through the most important analytics that you’ll use to monitor your sales and website traffic. We’ll show you where you can check website and email conversions, compare them against industry benchmarks so you can keep your system healthy and operational long after you’ve completed this course. Never miss a beat on your business!


Have more questions?

Email us One of us will personally reply to your questions.

I’m interested in the course, but will this take a lot of my time to complete?

The course is self-paced. You can watch all the videos at your convenience! You’ll have the opportunity to join our fortnightly Zoom sessions to ask questions to help you with email copy and sales funnel implementation.

I haven’t decided on a Marketing Automation Platform yet, can I still join?

Yes, certainly! This will be the perfect opportunity to join the course as it will help you select the best platform for your business. We dive deep into the best available platforms available for eCommerce.

How much money do I need to set up these systems, in addition to my investment in the course?

You’ll need to subscribe to tools such as Klaviyo, ActiveCampaign or Omnisend. These companies normally charge a subscription fee based on your list size, but you’ll be able to recoup the cost of the subscription after the course. If you’ve already got the traffic coming to your online store, the systems we teach you inside our course will be enough to cover the cost of subscription fees.

What are the fortnightly Live sessions?

The fortnightly live sessions will be at 11 am (Melbourne AEST) every second Thursday. The live calls will be delivered over Zoom. You will be sent a link to access all the live sessions.

How will I access the fornightly Live sessions?

The fortnightly live sessions will be delivered over Zoom. You’ll get a chance to meet and collaborate with other eCom business owners.

What if I miss one of the live calls or can’t make it that time?

No problem, we’ve had people join the program from different time zones all over the globe! If you miss a live session you can always reach out to us directly with questions. We are available for questions and live Q&A’s in our private Group anytime.

Can my business partner and I do the course together for the price of one?

Yes. Your business partner or your Virtual Assistant can join you in this course.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, we do! Right now we offer a 3-month payment plan. Contact us if you need a different payment structure.

How do I access my program portal?

When you register and checkout, you’ll be sent your access details and password so you can login and start accessing all the lessons inside the course!

How long do I have access to my program portal for?

Indefinitely! You will have access to your program portal to access all your resources and rewatch all the jam packed live sessions for as long as you need.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Absolutely! We’re so sure you’ll love the Marketing Automation Made Simple course, that you can join us for the first 21 days and if you don’t love it, we’ll give you your money back! And you get to keep all the resources you’ve already received as our gift to you.

Here’s What You Get When You Join


8 x Implementation-Focused Workshop Calls

  • 8 x live implementation and Q&A calls
  • 60-90 minutes each
  • Each call covers one of the modules
  • A combo of insider info, implementation, and Q&A
  • Fortnightly calls to keep you on track.
  • Calls at 11 A.M. (AEST) to accommodate as many time zones as possible.

20 Frameworks, Templates, Worksheets, and Checklists

  • Each module comes with a set of tools to make this process as easy as possible; see the module descriptions above for a list of tools included with each one.
  • These tools will save you significant time, energy, and money;
  • You’ll be able to model our successful templates and apply them in your business to bring in profits faster

Personalised Feedback on Your Marketing Growth System

  • We’ll personally look over all the vital parts of your systems and automations and give personal feedback to be sure you haven’t missed anything and to find simple ways for you to maximise your results based on your online store.

12 x Weeks of Direct Email Access to Us for Advice and Strategy

  • You can email us at any time to ask any questions that pop up between calls and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

Join the Marketing Automation Course Waitlist Today. Space is Limited.

Our one-on-one clients invest between $7,000-20,000 to work with us. The marketing growth systems we build for our clients are worth thousands of dollars. The same systems that we teach you inside our course.

The strategies you find inside the Marketing Automation Made Simple course are all based on our proven The Bumper Blueprint framework we have done for each one of our clients, one-on-one.

You’ll Get the Same Strategies That Have Boosted Revenues for Our Clients by at Least 30%.

But with the Marketing Automation Made Simple course, you’ll invest much less and get the same results in your business.

Join the Waitlist to the ‘Marketing Automation Made Simple’ Course Today

Because of the high degree of guidance and feedback we offer, we have to limit enrollment to 10 spots. We give personal attention to every one of our members, especially if they get stuck on the tech or creating lead magnets. We’ll let you know as soon as doors open!


“The team at Bumper Leads have been instrumental in automating my marketing and messaging. My recent program launch is 50% up on previous and my community are enjoying personalised messaging, creating engagement and enabling me to reach more people whilst retaining the personal touch. They’re also professional, friendly, helpful, efficient and a pleasure to work with!”



“We’ve tried to setup funnels ourselves and nothing was working. After hiring Bumper Leads, our online sales doubled. Our Reviews Funnels generated over 70 five-star reviews in less than 90 days! Since then, we’ve been approached by large department stores. Jovana and Milena’s expertise has simplified our nurturing leads process and the automation has helped streamline our wholesale operations, saving us valuable time. Highly recommend Bumper Leads.”


Who is This Course for?

This Course is PERFECT for You If:

  • You have an established online store that is already generating some sales
  • You’re already driving traffic to your store from running ads or posting to social media
  • You or someone on your team is ready to learn how to connect the dots with all the marketing tools you currently use
  • You’re motivated and excited to see your store grow
  • And you’re excited to learn new ways of growing your online store!

This Course is NOT for You If:

  • You’re a coach or a B2B – the strategies we teach inside “Marketing Automation Made Simple” are perfect for you if you run an online store, on Shopify or Woocommerce.
  • You’re not ready to invest in your business growth
  • Or if you’re someone who’s looking for a Done-For-You service
Marketing Automation Course

The Marketing Automation Course Will Help You Grow Your Store and Sell More Product in Less Than Three Months.

“We’ve launched our new online store with automated sales funnels and made our first $1k during the launch!”


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