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What questions should you ask when considering a marketing automation software for your business?

In today’s episode, we’re sharing what our clients ask us about their marketing automation platform, and our selection criteria for choosing a platform at Bumper Leads.

What are the questions you see in your favourite business group?

Whenever you login to Facebook to check your group updates, you will come across a few new subscribers asking the question on which marketing automation platform is better – Tool A or Tool B?

Let’s call them tools, because they are a tool of trade for many growing businesses.

These types of questions are normally flooded by subjective answers, and some can get quiet nasty!

Here are the questions that we ask our clients before they sign up to a marketing automation software:

  1. What is your sales and marketing objective?
  2. Have you got a marketing plan in place? Do you know who your ideal customers are?
  3. What sales and marketing tasks are you trying to automate in your business?
  4. On which tasks do you spend most of your time?

These questions are quiet simple, but very hard to answer for some clients – where do you even start? Well, you can come to us for help of course – just contact us here. Or if you’re an ecommerce business, we have a whole module dedicated to how to choose your marketing automation platform – you can join the waitlist here.

Some platforms can do more than just automate your marketing – some can even replace your website! You’ll have to tune into the episode to learn more.

But if you’re short on time, I’ve listed some quick questions and answers on how to choose your marketing automation software:

  1. Data collection and segmentation – how do you collect data? What type of forms are offered? Can you segment directly on the form? Can you manage who can view the form?
  2. Do they offer more than just email marketing? SMS or chat bots?
  3. How easy is it to integrate with other apps that you use in your business? Do you have to hire an API developer to help you connect your SaaS platform, or can you do this via tools like Zapier?
  4. Can you build powerful automations?
  5. Do you have a CRM – a customer relationship management – that can help you track your sales team’s performance?
  6. Customer Support – what are their timezones and how quickly can they reply to a ticket?
  7. What type of sales and marketing reports can you extract? Can you even export the data?
  8. How much innovation do they do? How often do they introduce new features?
  9. Do they offer landing page builder?

To find out more, you can tune into this Season’s episode titled: Questions to ask when considering Marketing Automation software


And yes, you can also contact us to help you pick the right software for your business. Luckily, we specialise in all of this and can help you – we offer a 30-min free discovery call. You can reach out to us here


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Jovana Vujnic

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