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How we work

Jovana Vujnic Bumper Blueprint Marketing Growth System

Convert more leads into customers

with your very own marketing growth system

Your business is made up of a series of processes. You have a process for contacting people, a process for attracting new leads, a process for onboarding clients, a process for launching new products…

Your marketing growth system takes care of all these processes for you. So you and your team can focus on high-value activities that drive bigger growth and profits.

We help you create your own marketing growth system that helps you collect leads automatically and nurture your customers into a transaction.

If you have a full-time employee in your business constantly following up with leads, you may be spending a lot of unnecessary time and money on something that could easily be automated.

Why is it important to have a marketing growth system that works for your business?

With the right strategy, you’ll have the people, process and technology you need to grow your business quickly.



Email Marketing Automation

We help you simplify and automate your sales and marketing so you save time and money

Lead Generation

We help you uncover potential of generating more leads from existing traffic sources

Lead Conversion

We help you qualify all your leads so you can automatically convert them into customers

Online Business Strategies

We plan your very own marketing growth system so that you can nurture your leads into a transaction

Sales Funnel

We help you map out your ideal customer journey so you can retain more customers

Marketing Growth System to help you scale your business

The Bumper Leads Blueprint


After years of assisting small and large businesses to implement marketing automation and CRM software, we have developed our own unique marketing growth system – a customer-centric strategy that helps you generate more leads and convert more followers into customers.

We call this The Bumper Blueprint.


Bumper Blueprint - Marketing Growth System Framework

if you are looking to sell more without investing any more time and money, then you need a smart marketing growth system that fits your business needs.

The Bumper Blueprint lets you:

Attract a steady flow of qualified leads with near-clockwork regularity

Increase ROI on advertising spend by building back-end upsell funnels

Revive old customers and maximise their lifetime value through powerful pipelines

Save hours each week on inefficient and repetitive admin and marketing processes

Nurture your email list into becoming customers using lead scoring

Stay ‘front of mind’ with existing clients and your wider audience

Use smart and comprehensive data to make better business decisions

Make your customers feel you’re always thinking of them via automated touch points

Build a streamlined customer on-boarding experience for maximum retention

Analyse exactly where your marketing is working and where it is not

Integrate marketing and sales data across teams for better transparency and ROI

Scale your business while reducing the time you need to spend ‘at work’

Our Bumper Blueprint clarifies your sales and marketing process so customers will buy more products and services from you.



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Relish Mama - Ecommerce Marketing Growth System


“One of the most wonderful companies that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. These guys really know their stuff. They are also incredibly passionate about what they do and what impact it can have on a business. What they have done for our marketing automation is fabulous and I honestly don’t think we would have received the care and such personal service anywhere else. Well done Jovana, Corey & Milena and all the team at Bumper leads and a million thank yous from us.”


“I have been working with Bumper Leads for two years and I cannot recommend them enough! Jovana is super knowledgeable and always ready to help. As a small business owner, it is so important to have someone like her on your side…”


Insync Designs - Shopify marketing growth system

“I would 100% recommend Bumper Leads to anyone who is looking to automate, systemize and streamline their EDM process. Milena & Jovana have been consummate professionals and a pleasure to work with. They are invested in improving and scaling your business, as they have mine. Thank you for the excellent experience, Bumper Leads; it is much appreciated. Whitney London, CEO Eden Hair Extensions.” 


“Great people who do great work. Highly recommend them!!!” 


I could make an instant connection with Bumper Leads and felt that I’m talking to someone who can understand the needs of my business. Both Jovana and Corey helped and made suggestions which were the best for my business rather than what was best for them. I have worked with a few marketing agencies and I can assure you that none of them come close to the prompt, reliable and friendly service Bumper Leads team provide.


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