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Bump Your Daily Grind

We will help you build a scalable marketing system for your business that will get you more enquires, customers and profit

We understand that successful businesses aren’t made overnight, which is why we’ve developed our ‘Bump the daily grind’ marketing solution to help you develop your very own business growth plan and put it into action.

Sometimes you just need a friendly push to get you and your business to that next level.

We’ll be right there with you the whole way taking your business from boring to booming.

The team at Bumper Leads helped us improve our lead conversion rate by 20%.

We now attract more customers and have a steady flow of new leads coming in on a daily basis from our website.

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much!

Naomi Sipus

Director, School Pride - Hair accessories with class


Review and Polish


Back to basics, understand what works and what doesn’t

We start with your why then review your big vision and mission in business and life.

We check you out: from your brand communication, to style, graphics and design and make sure it’s relevant to your market.

We help you find your ideal customer, that person that just can’t get enough of your business.

We align your product offer with your marketing message and position you for growth.



We get you set up with a simple, relevant and repeatable online marketing plan so that you can predict your revenue every month with ease

 Learn how to acquire the right customers consistently.

All your digital assets and content will be made simple, relevant and repeatable.

We’ll plan to make you look good, which means design. Good design increases value and value increase profits.



Consistent Leads and Customer Retention

This is where we set-up your marketing system, get you automated and ready for a steady stream of leads and inevitably sales.

 You will have an entire marketing system built out for you without learning a single tool

Engage new customers organically

We will set-up a system that will have existing customers returning for more like it’s going out of style.

We will wake-up your old customers who’ve been laying dormant and get them active

We’ll implement payment systems that play nice with marketing automation tools

If you use WooCommerce, we can integrate your marketing with the products you sell

You are not alone


We’ll be here for you every step of the way. You will get:

Fortnightly scheduled calls with the founder of Bumper Leads

Unlimited support via email and Slack

Done for you service to automate your marketing

We work with

Rockstar Entrepreneurs

Coaches Consultants Authors

E-commerce business owners

Savvy Business Owners

Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from

Seth Godin

Ready to get your head out of the daily grind and back into the things you love doing with your business?

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