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Generating leads and making sales are at the core of just about every business model. Without leads, there are no sales, and without sales, no business!

We all wish that our leads would find us all on their own so that we could spend more time on other areas of the business. 

The truth is, however, that we need to put as much care and energy into generating leads as we do to converting them. Doing so helps ensure that not only are we bringing in customers but bringing in the right kinds of customers – the ones that want to stick around!

Bumper Leads are experts in Lead Generation and can help you streamline the process into one that’s efficient, effective and delivers results.

What is Lead Generation & How Does It Work? 

Before a potential customer becomes aware of your business, products or services, they begin as a complete stranger. Lead generation is all about helping them make the transition from someone who’s never heard of you to someone who is now aware of who you are, what you do, and may even become a long-time customer! 

Lead generation is a key component of the Sales Funnel and is part of the ‘Awareness and Discovery’ phase. It’s the part of the customer journey where they first become aware of your business. In an offline model, this could be hearing about you from a friend, walking past your store, or seeing an ad in a newspaper.  

Great lead generation takes this a step further. You want to get your customer to notice you, but you also should be providing them with something valuable that will have them coming back for more.

Examples of lead generators include:


Interactive quizzes


Hosting a giveaway


Offering a free trial product


Offering a free eBook


Free videos or coaching sessions


And many more!

Make Your Lead Generators Stand Out

In today’s world, it can be challenging to come up with lead generation techniques that are unique and effective. While eBooks and quizzes can be useful when done correctly, they’ve become quite common and don’t always have the same impact that they used to. People are also less likely to want to give their phone number or email address away to a website that they’re unfamiliar with.

So, how do you make your lead generators stand out from the crowd? Lead generation in an online world is highly competitive as you are likely competing with businesses from your local area, country, or perhaps all over the world! To combat this and get ahead of the competition, your lead generators need to be eye-catching, relevant, and genuinely useful to your customer. They need to provide some sort of value while enticing them to find out more about your products or services.

Types of Lead Generation

There are two main types of lead generation, Inbound Lead Generation and Outbound Lead Generation.

Both types aim to introduce new potential customers to your products and services, with the aim to eventually convert them.

Inbound Lead Generation

At the centre of Inbound Lead Generation is high-quality, informative content. Whether this is a blog, podcast, video content, an eBook, or great social media content, the work should add value to your customer and introduce them to your products and services gently.

The result? They’re delighted by your content, are keen to find out more, and take action! This could include signing up to a mailing list, giving you a call or following you on social media.

Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound Lead Generation, also known as “interruption marketing”, is all about stopping your potential customer in their tracks. It’s developed a bit of a bad reputation in the last few years, as many people may picture cold calling or annoying ads when they think of this approach.

With the right messaging and a careful approach, however, Outbound Lead Generation isn’t all bad. A well-formulated strategy can be effective at bringing in leads without annoying your potential customers!

How lead generation helps to grow your business

Having an effective strategy can make a big impact on how your business evolves. By having a clear goal, plan of action and a deep understanding of your customers:


Helps you increase traffic and drive home sales


Helps you reach new audiences that you may have never considered


Converts complete strangers into loyal customers


Turns these loyal customers into promoters who recommend your business to friends, family, and colleagues

How we can help

The experts at Bumper leads can help you create and implement a useful strategy that’s unique to your business. In our initial session, we’ll get to understand your business, your ideal customer, what processes you currently have in place, and how we can best move forward.

After our initial session together, we’ll provide you with a clear strategy to help you automate, systemise and future-proof your business.

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