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Wondering how to turn leads into sales? You’re not alone – 80% of prospects will say No, before they say yes!

In B2B sales, cold calling seems to work for lead generation but many people fear it, hate it or avoid it.

In today’s episode, I’m speaking with Ashleigh Alsadie who runs a successful Lead Generation Firm called Promo Donna, and they create high quality B2B sales leads and meetings through cold calling and prequalification of hundreds of companies throughout Australia.

And when she is not busy doing this, she runs a sales training business, under her name, where she provides coaching and training solutions to assist people in growing their business, and selling themselves and their brand successfully.

As an accomplished speaker and entrepreneur, Ashleigh has supported solopreneurs through corporate organisations, helping them to fill their sales pipeline and grow their bottom line.

Her training uses tried and tested strategies used by her team, along with NLP tactics and method acting skills to help people to create the ‘sales persona they have always dreamed of playing.

Ashleigh studied PR and has done corporate sales which is where she was introduced to cold calling. Since then, it’s been a love at first fright. She loves the thrill of turning a No into a Yes!

Ashleigh feels that the main reason people are afraid of cold calling and sales is because of the image of seeing a cheesy second-hand car salesmen who just talks about himself (or herself). This is old school sales which is all about features and benefits.

Ashleigh says: “Today it’s all about what’s in it for them – your prospects. Rather than picking up the phone and talking about ME ME ME, it should actually be all about YOU YOU YOU. When you genuinely focus on how you can actually help the person, you will come across genuine and authentic.”

If you’re a B2B salesperson, who is looking to turn a No into Yes, Ashleigh says you’ll need to get the sales process right from the start. It’s about knowing what to say and when to say it. Everytime you pick up the phone, it should be something you always say on the phone. The biggest part of the sales person’s job is to ask good questions – if you want to make it about them, then you have to introduce yourself, and they will tell you what they need.

Another interesting thing to note is how many phone calls does it take before a lead says No and when they say Yes? Asheligh says the magic number is 8!

And that may sound like a lot, but this is also one of the reasons why your competitors may be giving up easily, so if you persist, you may well be ahead of your competition.

How many times do you follow up with a lead after you send them a proposal? Tune into today’s show to learn how Ashleigh would coach you through this step so you can always turn leads into sales with confidence!

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