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Meet your marketing automation team.


At Bumper Leads our taste for smart marketing is relentless.
As the connoisseurs of conversion, we’re all about simplifying your
entire marketing system so that your business can get the boost it needs.

No more tireless emails or repetitive tasks, our clever marketing automation strategies will convert your leads into sales and your Friday 4pm into Friday wine o’clock. Just as it should be!

Our bumpin team.


Jovana Vujnic

Head Honcho, Karate Kid,
The Evil Twin Sister.

Hello – If you’re wondering how to pronounce my name, here’s the phonetic version Yo-vana Vooynich. I help e-commerce business owners, coaches and consultants capture more leads, all day, everyday of the week, even while they’re asleep using proven marketing automation strategies.

If you’re a business owner who has any type of online presence, then you know the majority of people who visit your profile or website don’t become leads and the majority of leads don’t become your customers. This means if you had a physical shop, you’d end up closing up shop!

Our Mission is to build marketing systems to help business owners think bigger, grow faster and save time.

Marketing automation can help your business capture and nurture more leads, automatically trigger follow ups and help you close more deals, without you having to do any more work, or learn any more tools, or talk to hundred’s of prospects ever.

With my super analytical mind, and a genuine curiosity for finding the truth, I founded Bumper Leads – a marketing automation agency specializing in helping you convert strangers and online visitors into leads and customers.

Cleo Tan

Tech Savvy Queen & One Busy Mama.

Cleo is a Bumper Leads Rockstar. She is an all rounder who knows how to get s**t done! 

She has a knack for design and copywriting, and she knows how to translate clients’ marketing visions into great looking websites. Cleo spends a lot of time honing her technical and creative craft like a true kung-fu master. When she is not busy working and building her own empire at Ellipsis VA, Cleo spends time with her two adorable kids who constantly keep her on her toes.

If there was ever a movie written about her it would be called The Wonder Woman!

Know your ‘Why’ in business, so you can bear any ‘How’.

Corey Kirkby

Craft Beer Blogger & Traveller With Serious OCD.

Mr artistic and meticulously organized, Corey is the back-end systems guy at Bumper Leads. 

He prides himself on being a ‘get it done, do it right’ kind of guy. As our Chief Marketing Automation Specialist, we find comfort knowing that his serious attention to detail is spot on. Our clients love it.

When not working, Corey loves to experiment with food and thinks of himself as a bit of a chef at heart. Oh did we mention that he is an absolutely craft beer crazy too!? You can find him networking at his favourite craft breweries and blogging about craft beer whenever and wherever he can. Together with his love affair of photography, and his crafty pint in hand, you can always find him over at Crafty Beer Bros. If you follow him, this ‘kiwi’ boy may even shout you a cold one!

Automate your business , so the business doesn’t run you.


Automation Geek, Podcast Addict and The Crazy Twin Sister.

Milena is the crazy twin who brings a bit of craziness to the team. And no, you are not seeing double. Milena is the Carbon Copy of the Head Honcho at Bumper Leads – They sound the same, act the same, yet not the same.

Sounds crazy, right? Now you know what we mean by the Crazy Twin.

When not cracking lame jokes, Milena loves helping small business owners grow their business. She is your go-to chick for anything Automation and Integration at Bumper Leads and loves helping clients such as yourself, attract more customers by implementing your sales funnels, email sequences and optimizing your sales page.

Milena enjoys hosting her world-famous podcast for 470,000+ English Learners around the world. She also enjoys teaching others on how to launch their first Podcast that builds loyal audience and attracts ravings fans.

You can listen to her “gibberish” at

If one person listens to you and passes it on, you’d have doubled your audience.


Chief Happiness Officer.

In her time at Bumper Leads, Samantha has demonstrated an excellent ability to make people smile, and has shown great determination and commitment to all things cuteness. When not sleeping or playing, Samantha helps our team find their inner meow. The truth is we can’t say anything bad about her, because she is our boss. Drop into our office and you might just be lucky to see her do anything but sleep, eat and play all day.

Dogs have owners, cats have staff!

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Our values and what we stand for.

Do more with less.

Smile, share & give.

No 'fluff' marketing advice.

Fun & coolness.

Strict no douchebag policy.

Our values and what we stand for.

Do more with less.

Smile, share & give.

No 'fluff' marketing advice.

Fun & coolness.

Strict no douchebag policy.

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