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Bumper Leads’ Rebrand Experience

Jovana and Milena from Bumper Leads talk about their experience of hiring a branding agency to help them with the rebrand!

We’re all excited here at Bumper Leads to show off our new look in a few weeks’ time.

Bumper Leads as a brand has evolved a lot in the past five years of its existence.

First off, it started off as a simple, one-man run business to now a team of five.

So as you can imagine, the brand itself had a different philosophy in its first year. It offered different services – as a matter of fact, it had too many services on offer! – and it attracted a different type of clientele.

Five years ago, we didn’t know ‘how to brand not rebrand’.

We did have a vision though: To make business owners fall in love with their business again.

Fast-forward to now, that vision still stands.

Bumper Leads Rebrand

Why go through the rebrand now?

By working with a branding agency such as Tiny Hunter, we’ve learnt that ‘branding is a process of differentiation’.

It helps you stand out from your competitors.

In this video, you’ll hear us talk about our experience of hiring a brand agency to grow through the rebrand.

Oftentimes, people talk about ‘rebrand’ but we never hear of business owners talk about their experience, their feelings of going through the rebrand in their business. The business owners are personally attached to their business, so the rebranding is a big change for the business owner to go through, and it impacts them emotionally.

In the video we cover:

– How the branding, in general, helps you stand out from competitors
– And how it helps you to fall in love with your business again!
– We cover when it’s a good time to rebrand your business. We also share, examples of rebranding, share our experience of going through a rebrand and how it made us feel

Finally, we mention how we got to involve our existing customers in the process. The rebrand helps your customers understand what you do!

We also cover why we decided to undergo a rebrand. This is our story.

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