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In today’s episode, Jovana is bringing one of her old guests back – Ashleigh Alsadie – also known as The Cold Calling Queen, to share her cold calling tips for B2B sales success.

We’ve heard from a number of B2B clients who are either suspicious of cold calling and think it doesn’t work in today’s economy – or – they purchase cold lists from random list brokers, and then struggle to convert them into actual sales conversions.

Well, I brought Ashleigh back on the show to get to the bottom of cold calling and find out if it still works. A few cold calling tips include topics such as how to purchase cold lists and how to successfully use them in your business.

Ashleigh shares insights on the effectiveness of cold lists for lead generation and emphasizes the importance of having a clear purpose and criteria when purchasing a list. She actually loves them!

She reveals her team’s proven sales process, which includes crafting a compelling elevator pitch that focuses on the prospect’s interests.

How to best handle cold leads?  Ashleigh explains her sales process for cold leads, covering elements such as asking engaging questions, handling objections, and closing the deal.

Ever wondered how to handle Gatekeepers? We touch on this too!

We highlight the importance of authenticity and personal connection as crucial factors in successful sales communication, discouraging the use of robotic scripts or excessive automation in human interactions. One of our values at Bumper Leads is to use automations to humanize communication, which is why it’s important to note that not everything has to be automated, especially if your sales process is high touch.

We also explore personalization in sales pitches and the role of AI in sales and how it has disrupted the lead generation industry.

In an increasingly digital landscape, cold calling can still be a refreshing alternative for many in business community – when you’re busy working on your business, and if you receive a cold call with the right introduction, this can actually change your mood for the whole day as you get to speak to leads who are also business owners too. You become relatable, something automations will struggle to make happen without sounding robotic.

If you’re still with us, towards the end of the interview, the conversation touches on the current economic situation and its impact on businesses, particularly in the tech industry.

You can learn more about Ashleigh here. And this is her business The Promo Donna.

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Jovana Vujnic

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