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Ever wondered what craft beer, travel and automations have in common?

The answer is moi!

Over the last 3 months, Corey and I have been on a much needed adventure working and travelling through Turkiye and Greece. We packed 1 suitcase, including our laptops and quickly decided on our destination. Within 3 days, we were on the plane to Izmir, Turkiye.

During our trip, Corey rediscovered his passion for craft beer. We got talking to a few large craft breweries and bars located in Izmir and Bodrum in Turkiye; and also in Crete and Naxos Islands in Greece.


travel, craft beer and marketing automation


In this episode, I am sharing our travel experience and what we’ve learnt from speaking to some of these business owners.

Every time I travel, I’m reminded how technology helps us stay connected around the world and how quickly countries around the world are adopting it. AI seems to be on top of everyone’s mind!

I heard Simon Sinek on a podcast recently called The School of Greatness, share his thoughts on AI and human connections. He used social media influencer analogy.

Simon says it’s much easier to pick up a phone and record yourself to talk to millions followers, but to try and say the same thing to a friend in person is entirely a different thing. It’s harder to talk to one person than to a million people.

Simon’s view is that AI cannot replace human connection. Our travel has proved that point a thousand times over!

So for the next Season, will be covering how to structure your marketing automation strategy and how to create a marketing automation strategy for your business. This can be applied in any business. You could be running an ecommerce business or a consultancy; even if you decide to run a new business altogether, the skills you will learn will be applicable in any business.

It’s important to put a marketing automation strategy in place first before you sign up to a new tool or ask your friends what they think you should do – too many opinions can cause confusion and you’ll quickly become overwhelmed.

Tune into our recent episode here. You can stream directly via Spotify, Apple, Audible and others.

Teşekkür ederim


PS: You can also listen to the full episode here:

PSS: If you share the same passion for Craft Beer as us, you should definitely visit the following breweries if you’re ever in Turkiye or Greece and tell them Jovana and Corey sent you!

Izmir, Turkiye – Torch Brewery (you must try their award winning Kolsch and Corey’s new favourite Honey Pepper Ale). Their beer is sold at rePublic Izmir

Bodrum, Turkiye – Barrel Beer House where you can taste all the fine craft beer from Turkiye’s Mediterranean city of Bodrum

Crete, Greece – Solo Brewery where you can taste unique Creten cheese and goat stew, with a nice cold brew from one of the best craft breweries in Greece! Most people come here for the beach life, but that’s not us haha

Naxos, Greece – Funky Hops where you can taste all the craft beer from Greece in one place with amazing hosts!

Rhodes, Greece – Beerokouta – taste local craft beer from and around Rhodes Island, served with Michelin star chef food!

And you can follow Corey’s blog where he talks about Barrel Aged Brew he’s tasted around the world! Instagram account and website is here !

Technology can be overwhelming, there is just too much choice for business owners to consider. Every week, we’ll be sharing how you can identify what technology is a good fit for your business and how to use automation to grow your business. We are on a mission to simplify marketing automation technology so you can feel in control of growing your business.

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