Create Marketing Content That Generates Leads | with Luke Buesnel

Do you think your business is too ‘boring’ for fun and interesting content that is good enough to attract leads to your business?

Well, my guest on today’s show doesn’t think so. His message is “Don’t be average! Be in a different league!”

Every business has a story, and you too can learn how to produce great marketing content that generates leads even if you think you’re “average”. Actually, this can be your competitive advantage.

I recall in my first e-commerce business, we rebranded our website because we felt it looked average and boring. Once we added the right images, colours and fonts, it really popped…and most importantly, it stood out from the competitors’ websites. But, not until we updated it with fresh new content, that we saw the commercial impact it had on our business. When leads would send us enquiries, they would often reference the funny story they read in the About Us page.

Think about this for a second…. If you hired a professional like Luke from Story League, it’s really a fixed cost that pays you back tenfold overtime with new leads. If you’re a smart business owner, who wants to use their marketing budget wisely, you would instantly hire him. Because, the cost to acquire your customers compared to anything else is next to nothing.

And your customers will talk about you…which is great news for your brand. 

In today’s episode we are talking killer marketing content strategies with a former actor who played a serial killer……If you were a fan of Sensing Murder, you might know what I’m on about.

Aside from being a talented actor, Luke is the Founder of Story League where he helps business owners, of any size, drum up interesting content that generates leads. If you’re looking to grow your business, but you think your business is too boring for story telling, then you must tune into this show.

As a former journalist, Luke “the Skywalker”, uses his talents to tells us EXACTLY how to have fun in our business using story telling. I mean, you could be the next Yoda in your industry, leaving your competitors in the dust.

 It’s time to get your A-Game on when it comes to content marketing that generates leads for your business, and tune into this show to learn how.

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