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Whether you’re a startup or an established company, understanding and optimising your sales funnel is the key to driving growth and increasing your bottom line.

In this episode, Jovana is joined by her twin sister and colleague, Milena, to discuss the top questions to ask when designing sales funnels for your business. Whether you’re a large or small business, this episode will provide valuable insights to help you create an effective marketing automation strategy.

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[00:02:07] What is a sales funnel?

[00:05:08] The challenge of working with technology

[00:09:54] Increasing customer lifetime value

[00:13:31] Putting sales funnels together

[00:16:10] Calculating return on investment

[00:21:49] Building a marketing growth system

[00:26:30] Marketing automation made simple calculator

[00:29:30] Sales funnels and customer experience

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Technology can be overwhelming, there is just too much choice for business owners to consider. Every week, we’ll be sharing how you can identify what technology is a good fit for your business and how to use automation to grow your business. We are on a mission to simplify marketing automation technology so you can feel in control of growing your business.


Frequently Asked Questions About Sales Funnels


What is a sales funnel, and why is it important?

A sales funnel is a strategic process for turning potential leads into paying customers. It’s important because it streamlines the customer acquisition journey, helping businesses save time and resources by focusing on high-conversion prospects.

Are sales funnels only for online businesses?

No, sales funnels are relevant to both online and offline businesses. While they’re often associated with e-commerce, any business with a customer journey can benefit from a well-structured sales funnel.

How can I gather and leverage customer data effectively?

Gathering customer data requires tools like CRM systems and analytics platforms. Once you have the data, use it to personalize marketing efforts, tailor offers, and improve customer experiences.

What are the key metrics to track in a sales funnel?

Important metrics include ROI, average order value (AOV), customer lifetime value (CLV), and conversion rates at each stage of the funnel. These metrics help assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and the value of each customer.

Is marketing automation essential for sales funnels?

While not mandatory, marketing automation significantly enhances the efficiency of sales funnels. It automates lead nurturing, follow-up, and personalization, making it easier to engage potential customers effectively.



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Jovana Vujnic

Jovana Vujnic

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Jovana is the Founder of Bumper Leads - a marketing automation agency that helps businesses simplify and automate their sales and marketing systems to help them save time and money.

She is a former body builder turned fast food junkie turned automation geek.

When she is not watching Cobra Kai on Netflix, she shares interesting marketing advice on our podcast called Marketing Automation Made Simple. This is where she helps overwhelmed business owners build smart marketing growth systems so they feel excited and in control of growing their businesses.

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