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In this podcast episode, Jovana teams up with Reid Robinson, the AI Product Guru at Zapier, to dive into the magic world of Automation and AI at Zapier.

We are pumped to have Reid spill the beans on how Zapier is making businesses’ lives way easier.

Reid dives deep into Zapier’s powers – it’s not just a tool, it’s THE tool that can automate anything you dream up. They chat about Reid’s journey, his gig as the AI lead product manager at Zapier, and how the platform has evolved into a game-changer.

Zapier’s origin story pops up, dating back to 2011 when the tech scene looked quite different. Reid spills the deets on Zapier’s recent glow-up, adding first-party tools like Tables and Interfaces to level up the automation game.

Reid shares the latest in Zapier’s AI game with a new slick AI Zap Builder that lets you describe your workflows using simple, everyday language. No more techy headaches!

Tune in to learn what the future holds for Automations and AI as Reid shares his thoughts from Zapier’s perspective and beyond.

Reid will be presenting at the ActiveCampaign’s Leap Day Extravaganza Event! He’ll be talking about how to use ChatGPT in automations. You definitely wanna be there – it’s gonna be a blast!

This conversation is like your backstage pass to the evolution of Zapier and the super cool role AI plays in shaping the future of automation. Tune in, it’s a wild ride! 🚀✨

This summary was made possible thanks to AI :)

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00:00:02 – Welcome and Introduction
Introducing today’s guest Reid Robinson – AI Project Lead at Zapier

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/reidtrobinson/

X/Twitter https://twitter.com/Reidoutloud_

00:03:08 – The Genesis of Zapier

00:05:20 – Practical Uses of Zapier for Marketing

00:07:07 – Clever use case for Zapier automations and AI

00:08:36 – Creative Solutions with Zapier

00:09:39 – Content Generation and AI’s Role

00:10:47 – AI Assisted Zapier Workflow Creation

00:13:05 – The Power of No-Code Platforms

00:15:05 – The Extensive App Ecosystem of Zapier

00:17:26 – The Future of AI in Automation

00:19:09 – AI’s Mainstream Appeal and Future Impact

00:22:33 – The Importance of Focused Innovation

00:23:40 – Reflecting on the Evolution of Tech


Can Zapier make you happier!? Tune into this episode to find out!




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