How To Find The Courage To Do Anything | with Jill McIntyre

Need to find the courage to pursue your big audiacious goal? Or to pursue that new project that makes you feel uncomfortable? 

In today’s episode, I’m talking with Jill McIntyre from Decide Believe Begin Become, who is a successful Life, Property and Business Coach. 

She has been helping business owners breakthrough their mental barriers so they could pursue these big dreams and achieve what mind thinks to be impossible. 

Her story is truly inspirational. She was widowed at the age of 39, had to learn quickly how to survive so to feed her 2 children. She purchased a Bread Making franchise, which was supposed to help her out financially; however it proved that the franchise was losing money every year, and by year 4, she had to make a decision. After consulting with many other franchisors, they all noticed the same pattern – the business was making any money. They had to find the courage to change their situation. 

If they walked away from the franchise, they would lose everything. But they also couldn’t sell the business because they were not making any money.

So they all found the courage to pursue the Goliath – the franchisor. 

This was a class action which took a toll on her personal life; however it was one defining moment that made history. 

Tune into this week’s episode on Spotify and iTunes to find out how Jill found the courage to change her situation and make history in the Australian franchise legal battle.

This experience pushed Jill McIntyre into finding out more about overcoming self-limiting believes and she now enjoys coaching Property Investors and Business Owners on how they can change their mindset and find the courage to invest and grow their ventures.  


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