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As of February 2024, Google and Yahoo have both announced that they will be implementing stricter measures around email authentication protocols that will require every sender to authenticate their email domain, to ensure safer and less spammy inboxes.

As a marketer, you would know spam emails have always been an issue, which is why there is lots of regulation around it ( Refer Australian Anti-Spam Act 2003 here).

I’ve met a few businesses recently who:

  • Don’t know about these new important email changes
  • Don’t think it’s a big deal
  • They put it into their “too hard basket” to deal with later

I say this is too important to leave for later and should be addressed by every marketer at least 90 days in advance of the planned dates – which is the 1st of February 2024 as announced by Google.

Even though Google and Yahoo made these major email announcements, there is no doubt other email providers will follow in lockstep.

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What do you need to do to prepare to comply with Google and Yahoo email changes in 2024:


With Gmail and Yahoo Mail controlling most of the email market, they are introducing new sending rules for accounts that send to more than 5,000 Gmail or Yahoo contacts per day. 

These new changes are: 

Authentication: All senders will now need to set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication for their emails.

Unsubscribes: All senders must provide a one-click unsubscribe option in their emails. In addition, they need to process unsubscribe requests within 2 days (previously it was roughly 30 days). You need to make it easy for your subscribers to opt out. 

Spam Complaints: All senders will be expected to aim for a low spam complaint rate, ideally less than 0.3%. This means your subscribers shouldn’t report your emails as spam frequently. This process starts with how your subscribers are added into the database and how engaged they are with your emails, especially if you send on a regular basis. If you want to track your Email Spam Complaints, you can checkout Google’s Postmaster Tools for your email spam rates or refer to your Newsletter reports.

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