Habits of Highly Productive Small Business Owners with Shannyn Merlo

Do you find that you’re constantly using “busy” as an excuse?

My guest today is Shannyn Merlo from Inspired Outcomes Consulting
and she breaks down her wicked morning routine that keeps her on track to achieving her goals whilst also helping others do the same.

My key takeaways from this interview are:

  • recording your own affirmations and listening to it every morning
  • why gratitude helps us find balance so that we can enjoy our ups and downs as business owners.
  • why being busy isn’t making us look good as business owners
  • how to tackle fear and turn it into an opportunity
  • our biggest barrier to growth is us
  • how to manage change as a leader of large teams
  • and why we need organisational values in order to grow a sustainable business

Shannyn Merlo is my trusted business coach and really passionate about growing small businesses with large teams, turning them into highly productive and happy organisations!


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