How to Brave The Pandemic - Interview w/ Nellie Kerrison - Bumper Leads

Are you one of the many business owners who are trying to brave the pandemic?

Today, Milena and I are interviewing one of our special clients –  Nellie Kerrison owner and founder of Relish Mama. 

Nellie’s business of 12 years was negatively impacted by the pandemic which continues to rage on at the time of publishing this interview.

From being extremely busy, her business was thrown into disarray overnight, when the Australian government enforced a strict lockdown – preventing any businesses from having large gathering and enforcing a social distancing rule. Relish Mama is all about bring people together and hosting events and team building activities, so it was a very difficult thing to accept.

Relish Mama is a cooking school and an education platform created to educate and inspire others to cook beautiful and nutritious food as well as to connect through food and memorable shared experiences. Relish Mama’s classes, resources and bespoke products are designed to empower absolutely everybody to connect through food.
Understandably, It can really be devastating to not be able to operate your business the way you envisioned it.

In today’s episode, Nellie shares her personal story of struggle, mental health and financial stress and how her family values of just choose kindness helped her successfully deal with the pain so she could transition online and still support her large community.

Nellie has offered a special discount on her books for all the listeners of the show. You can purchase it online here, or if you’re located overseas, you can find these books on Amazon. You’ll just have to tune into the show to get the discount 🙂

You can follow Nellie on Relish Mama  Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (and soon TikTok)

Hope you find this episode useful in helping you deal with the pandemic. 

You can always reach out to us here if you have any specific questions about your business if you need any help in selling your products and services online. 



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