How To Build A Rockstar Brand | Interview with Jodie de Vries and Emma Scott - Bumper Leads

Do you admire brands like Tesla or Virgin?

Wouldn’t you like to know how to become one?

Today, we are talking with Jodie de Vries and Emma Scott from The Brand Brigade.

The Brand Brigade is an education platform designed to empower businesses to build their own ‘big’ brand, to create the future they imagine. The Brand Brigade helps SME business owners and entrepreneurs grow their brands and achieve their goals by providing flexible online brand and marketing education and mentoring.

If you want to be as well known as Tesla and Virgin, then you need to tune into this show and get some knowledge on how to do exactly that…..while you have some free time over the holiday season!

The Brand Brigade are empowering businesses everyday to take a strategic approach to brand building. They make accessible the deep expertise, experience and IP (normally reserved for large organisations with big budgets) that SMEs need to succeed.

They are also Co-Founders of Tiny Hunter branding agency that specialises in transforming family businesses into remarkable brands.

This is one helluva episode!

Jodie and Emma have offered a 30% discount for our listeners to their ‘self-paced’ course that helps you become a Rockstar brand. As part of the course, you will have direct access to Jodie and Emma for any branding advice you need as you work on your brand.

Just head on over here and type in the special promo code shared in this episode.


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