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I know many online retailers (and physical store owners) are either dreading or relishing the Black Friday event. However, you can easily have a successful Black Friday sale by following our advice in this episode. Some of our clients have even doubled their yearly sales during this event only.

In this episode, Milena and I discuss what we do for our clients to prepare them for the ultimate event retailers face every year.

The reason why it’s called Black Friday, according to Britannica, is because this is the time retailers tend to go from “red” to “black”, meaning profit. This is the time many can make the same amount of sales as they normally do in 1 whole year.

We share ideas that you can implement today, in order to reap the benefits of achieving a successful Black Friday promo event.

Some of our clients have literally doubled their annual sales in this 1 day event!

The time to start preparing for this is now. Tune in and find out how to have a super successful Black Friday Sale


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Jovana Vujnic

Jovana Vujnic

Head Honcho | Marketing Automation Expert | Evil Twin Sister


Jovana is the Founder of Bumper Leads - a marketing automation agency that helps businesses simplify and automate their sales and marketing systems to help them save time and money.

She is a former body builder turned fast food junkie turned automation geek.

When she is not watching Cobra Kai on Netflix, she shares interesting marketing advice on our podcast called Marketing Automation Made Simple. This is where she helps overwhelmed business owners build smart marketing growth systems so they feel excited and in control of growing their businesses.

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