Is A Lack of Business Vision Stagnating Your Growth | with Tristan Wright

Do you have a business vision that is as clear as climbing the Mount Everest?

Would you even consider climbing the Mount Everest all by yourself?

My guest today is Tristan Wright from Evolve 2 Grow.
He likes to consider himself as your Business Sherpa, helping you get clarity in your business so that you can reach the top of the mountain, one step at a time.

Tune into this episode to learn how a clear business vision helps you climb your Mount Everest aka your Business and how important it is to have one.

Also, what happens after you reach the top?
And why having fun while you’re doing this is important especially as you hit the roadblocks.

We also talk about his rocky journey as a business owner.

Fun fact: Tristan climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and this was the hardest thing he has ever done, physically and mentally. It’s kinda like running your own business!

He tells us how we can fall in love with our business again by setting clear goals and crystallising the business vision, so that we can reach the summit.

Tristan helped me in my business when I was burnt out and going through a growth phase, and I’m sure he can help you too, which is why I’m super happy to have him on my show.


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