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Good marketing takes time. And just like in sport, good things come to those who are determined and persistent. Athletes don’t become Olympic Gold Medallist overnight. Likewise, short term marketing tactics won’t help you grow bigger faster!

I used to be an athlete, a bodybuilder and I tried running, which didn’t last very long. But I enjoyed bodybuilding. With bodybuilding, what I enjoyed the most was actually seeing, physical transformation of how my body changed based on what type of foods I ate and how frequently I exercised. I had to make changes on a weekly basis.

I had a coach to tell me what I’m actually doing, and to remind me that when I had my moments of fear and doubt (and there were many), was in fact my body’s way of communicating with me, telling me to fight, to not give up and to stick to the plan.

Becoming a bodybuilder is a process. Building a business is a process. I’ve learnt to trust the process.

My first business was a nightmare and a roller coaster. I threw myself into deep end and I didn’t know what I was doing. My life changed and I experienced the same moments of struggle I had before, in my bodybuilding days.

However, having experienced mental toughness by being a sports person, I understood the immense power of personal determination, positive mindset and science behind what works and what doesn’t. Just like in my body building days, I hired business coaches and my mindset shifted, and my business transformed.

I’ve learnt the power of marketing. I’ve learnt the power of knowing who to market first, then focus on building that audience, well before I created any products to sell.

Today, when I meet other entrepreneurs, my heart sinks because I see how much money they’ve spent on creating products before they validated their ideas. They start their businesses from the middle, not from the start, and they expect to come to the finish line with lightening speed.

What is the start, the middle and the end for your business?

The start is research, testing products and audiences, and building a system or a framework for your business.
The middle is to physically go out there and promote your business ideas that were already validated. In other words, you had customers actually hand over their money to buy your products or services, BEFORE you invested any more sweat equity into your business.
The end – well, that is your business vision! How high do you want to jump in business?

Even large corporations are guilty of not thinking like athletes. It’s easy to fall into this trap when you’re running on full throttle in your business, so you forget to stop and think.

Lucky with today’s technology, you can easily build systems, easily find mastermind groups to be your support team and hire the best coaches to hold your hand along the way.

Say goodbye to short term marketing tactics.

If you’re thinking about building a system in your business that is predictable and scalable so you can grow your business, speak to us. Here’s where you can book time to chat.

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