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Should you market to everybody? What’s stopping business owners from growing their business?

In today’s episode, Milena and I are excited to speak with two amazing ladies: Franziska Iseli and Julia Brun from Basic Bananas. Julia is the Managing Director at The Business Hood – a global strategic brand consultancy and design agency. And Franziska is the Co-Founder at Basic Bananas and The Business Hood.

In today’s episode, we get answers to these burning questions about marketing:

  • Is marketing hard and should you market to everybody?
  • What’s the first thing you need to do in growing your business – is it paid ads? PR? New Website?
  • What could business owners do better when marketing their business?
  • If you had a chance to start Basic Bananas again from scratch, how would you go about it? (Given all the knowledge and experience you have now of running Basic Bananas, a successful business of seven years!)
  • And why some business owners can grow exponentially and some just remain stagnant? What’s stopping business owners from growing?

Franziska and Julia are a wealth of knowledge. They don’t hold back in sharing their marketing and business experience with us and our listeners! This is a must-listen episode.

If you want your business to grow then you must take in the following advice from Franziska and Julia:

“You will never gain momentum without taking action.” ~ Franziska Iseli

“Whatever you do, start with a strong brand in mind.” ~ Julia Brun

The biggest takeaway from today’s episode: if you want to be successful and attract the right audience to your business – just TAKE ACTION. Take action on something, start something – if you’ve been thinking of creating an online course for example, then start taking action towards that. Remember, to take action and just start… something!

FUN FACT: Did you know that Franziska and Julia are both ‘Swaussies’! – Born in Switzerland, and live in Aussieland. Swaussies!

Click here or the link below to tune in to today’s episode.

basic bananas and bumper leads

Franziska and Julia chatting with the Metallica twins from Bumper Leads


Links Mentioned in today’s episode:

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The Business Hood:

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Let’s tune in!


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