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Welcome to Marketing Automation Made Simple Podcast!

Are you a business owner looking to uncover hidden money in your business? Our podcast is dedicated to business owners who are looking to grow their sales and save time.Marketing Automation Made Simple Podcast

Technology can be overwhelming, there is just too much choice for business owners to consider. Every week, we’ll be sharing how you can identify what technology is a good fit for your business and how to use automation to grow your business. You can find us on Spotify, iTunes and your favourite streaming service. We are on a mission to simplify marketing automation technology so you can feel in control of growing your business.

Tune into our show every week to learn how to easily create marketing growth systems in your business to save you time and money.


How to Turn Leads Into Sales

How to Turn Leads Into Sales

Wondering how to turn leads into sales? You're not alone - 80% of prospects will say No, before they say yes! In B2B sales, cold calling seems to...

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