Bumper Leads Rebrand - Part 2 - Bumper Leads

Rebrand: Bumper Leads New Brand Identity

Jovana and Milena from Bumper Leads meet again to take us through Part 2 of the rebranding experience for Bumper Leads.

Bumper Leads’ Brand Personality Traits & Mission

Our Purpose: To help business owners fall in love with their business again.
Our Role:: By building marketing growth systems, leveraging automation, that attract and nurture the right leads to drive sales and business success

Working together with Tiny Hunter, we were able to give our brand human-like characteristics.

The following is how we describe Bumper Leads:

Nimble: Every business is unique, and therefore the way they communicate with their potential customers needs to be tailored. We don’t do one-size fits all. Our marketing growth systems are designed for you. We are not inflexible or rigid.

Geeky: We our proud to call ourselves geeks. We make things happen with speed and precision. We work with the most advanced processes and technologies to create outstanding results. We are not sloppy or ignorant.

Entrepreneurial: We have built many successful businesses over the years. We merge our business acumen with our marketing know-how to create great solutions. We are not ordinary or one-dimensional.

Nurturing:We understand that running a business can be stressful. We are here for you, here to take the stress out of marketing, here to
make your job easier. We are not careless and neglectful.

Playful:We are not your ordinary marketers. We take great delight in doing what we do. Connecting with customers should be fun.
We are not boring or dull.

Reliable: We work alongside you to create the marketing growth strategy that you deserve. We implement without fuss. We are here
when you need us. We are not undependable and untrustworthy.

How can a brand be playful?

Meet Samantha. Our brand mascot.

samantha character

Ready to hear more about the Bumper Leads Rebrand?

Keep scrolling for Part 2 of our rebrand.

In the video below you’ll learn:

– How we transition from our old brand to the new brand. We share our old logos with you!

– How to find the right graphic designer to help you design social media posts. For some designs, you could even involve your team members!

– The types of files you should get from the branding agency, formats, etc don’t forget to ask them for these!

And lastly, how you can use your company rebrand to attract new customers.

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