How To Revive A Business to Solid Growth | with Rachel Klaver

Have you ever wondered how to revive your business to solid growth again?

In this episode, I’m chatting with Rachel Klaver who has done exactly this….and without hiring a business coach. 

Our podcast is all about helping business owners navigate through the ups and downs of their business, and hopefully show you how you can get back on your feet using marketing smarts, systems and automations. So, when things don’t go as planned, we are all inclined to throw in a towel and walk away. 

Rachel tells us how she managed to revive her business to solid growth with the help of her business partner, and her husband. So, I guess you can’t do everything alone! 

I am excited to share my conversation that I had with Rachel Klaver, who runs Identify Marketing in New Zealand, who has gone through some serious ups and downs; She was basically ready to shut down her business ….until she did this ONE thing that helped her revive her failing business to achieve some serious solid growth. 
Like me, Rachel works with other businesses helping them create their marketing plan and then focuses on implementing automations to help them execute their plans. She is a content machine, and enjoys educating businesses on how to do their own marketing via her online course and MAP IT Workshops across New Zealand – you can check this out here:


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