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Should you consider digital marketing outsourcing or keep it in-house?

How to have a great partnership with your digital marketing agency?

Can marketing fix cash flow issues?

When it comes to digital marketing outsourcing, this blog might answer some of these questions. Today, I’m excited to be talking with James Parnwell, from The Online Co. is a digital marketing company that helps you get clarity on your business using expert strategies in online advertising, SEO and social media to deliver you great results. Their philosophy is to put people first.

James started working in the digital marketing space since the 90’s. He ran a few businesses in his lifetime and gained a lot of experience before starting his digital marketing agency.

James says most business owners confuse marketing with technology. Marketing is not technology – marketing is a way to communicate with people. Technology is just a vehicle to communicate with your customers. James reminds us that marketing is about 50% technical and 50% understanding people.

During the 12 years, James and his team rode through the digital marketing wave, surviving all algorithm waves and changes the tech companies are known to throw at you. He quickly learnt that most businesses would struggle to have everyone on their teams keep up with all the tech changes; which is why digital marketing outsourcing is beneficial for many small businesses.

For example, James’ s SEO team consists of 7 staff who are specialised in SEO content writing, tech SEO, website adjustments, and search engine ranking tactics. Just based on SEO alone, it can be very hard for any business owner to get used to grappling with all the facets of SEO, let alone all the other ‘digital marketing’ activities that you can also do in-house such as paid advertising, social media management, marketing automation and so many more. Because you’re not an expert in all the streams of digital marketing, then a small business can do a “half-job” of SEO and not executing it well. SEO is a time consuming activity and all the efforts you invest in it and don’t execute it correctly will not be counted by Google. So if you’re a plumber, this can be a complete waste of your time – it would cost you in additional plumbing jobs that you could be doing.

How can marketing help you grow your business and what should you be focusing on?

James says that marketing is a great puzzle – if you can find what people love about your business, then you find a way to share this love with other people. At the end of the day, as a business owner, you want to wake up in the morning with a positive mindset. Having a positive mindset will help you achieve the results you want, it will come easy and you will fall in love with your business again.

If you’re someone who wants to learn the best practices in how to do your own digital marketing, The Online Co. offers on-demand training for business owners so they can learn this or have someone on their team refresh their understanding of SEO, social media and paid advertising.

Quick take-aways I got from my interview with James on how to do marketing right:

How do we talk to the right people at the right time?

What are the tactics that you should use – i.e. Google? Facebook?

Execution is important – posting 1 post on social media is easy, but what is hard is posting 5 times a day, with different content and creatives. This is where digital marketing outsourcing becomes important for growth.


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