Podcast | Take My Business! I don't Want It Anymore | Bumper Leads

 In this podcast, I explore my conversation with a friend of mine who purchased a business. 

He’s had enough. 

After just shy of 12 months, he was ready to give this business up for nothing.

Anyway, as we got talking, I find out that he had sales coming through, then suddenly it all stopped.

As we were chatting, it became apparent to me that there was no plan or strategy for how his story unfolded. 

Tune into this episode if you’re:

  • Looking to move website platforms so you can learn from his mistakes
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, because it will come back to bite you
  • If you want more customers, then be agile – I explain why this is important

Amazing how quickly something like this can happen in a business.

Tune in and get better prepared!

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