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Are you using tags, lists, or custom fields in your CRM? Have you ever wondered which one is better? And what does the future look like for marketing automation and how does AI play a role in this space?

Today’s guest needs no introduction – Chris L. Davis is a great friend of mine who is a host of a popular podcast called ⁠All Systems Go! Podcast⁠. Chris is also the Founder of In this episode, Chris shares insights on automation, AI and segmentation, catering to agency owners, automation builders, experts, and non-techie business owners alike.

Here’s what we discuss:

[00:02:06] Segmentation explained in layman terms.
[00:10:22] What is a successful business segmentation.
[00:18:35] Using segmentation to amplify success.
[00:22:45] The impact of AI in marketing.
[00:25:04] AI in Marketing Automation Industry.
[00:30:14] Seth Godin’s thoughts on AI
[00:34:03] Segmentation in marketing automation.
[00:37:15] Tags vs. Fields – which one is better for data gathering

Chris L. Davis Bio

Chris L. Davis is one of the most highly sought after marketing automation consultant and advisor in the industry. With a unique background in electrical engineering and leadership roles at major startups like Leadpages and ActiveCampaign, Chris has helped numerous startup companies raise a collective of over $157 million in capital. Combining his technical and marketing expertise, he developed a systematic approach to building automated marketing systems inside of businesses to maintain a lean operational footprint while experiencing enterprise level revenue scale. Passionate about empowering marketers, Chris created a membership community that serves as an ever-growing online resource, equipping digital marketers with the tools and techniques they need to automate the marketing of any business effectively.

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To view the mentioned resource – click ⁠here⁠.

Our favourite quote

“Segmentation is personalized communication at scale” – Chris L. Davis



Key Takeaways from this episode:


  • Segmentation Simplified: Chris broke down segmentation into layman’s terms, comparing it to creating a group chat on your phone for specific contacts rather than messaging everyone. This approach ensures that communication is relevant and targeted.


  • The Value of Segmentation: We explored how segmentation isn’t just about excluding contacts but finding the ‘golden nuggets’ within your database to amplify business growth. Chris shared examples of how proper segmentation can transform a business’s revenue by focusing on the most engaged customers.


  • Segmentation Challenges: The fear of missing out on potential sales by over-segmenting was addressed, highlighting the importance of testing and understanding the performance of different segments.


  • AI in Marketing Automation: The conversation touched on the role of AI in marketing automation, with Chris expressing optimism about AI’s potential to improve reporting and segmentation. However, he cautioned that AI should be managed responsibly and not left to operate without human oversight.


  • Tags vs. Custom Fields: Chris provided a fresh perspective on using tags and custom fields, advising that tags should be temporary while fields are forever. He emphasized the importance of using fields for data you want to rely on over time, making it easier to migrate and manage.



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