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Thanks for tuning in to today’s episode on the Fall in Love With Your Business Again podcast. Today we are talking about how business owners can learn the secrets of the stoics to feel inspired in business and in life.

Your host today is Jovana from Bumper Leads.

At Bumper Leads we build marketing growth systems for businesses so they can attract the right leads to their business, to drive sales and business success.

We often meet clients who seem to have lost control of their business or they simply lose their mojo. And based on the recent study I came across by a University in Sydney, Australia, there are about 20% of businesses that fail in their first year of business; and about 60% will go out of business in their first 3 years…..These are some scary statistics.

No wonder why many of the businesses we meet don’t feel excited about growing their businesses – they are stressed out and overworked.

We are on a mission to shift those statistics to a more positive outcome.

This podcast is dedicated to business owners who want to fall in love with their business again.

We can’t always be in the state of excitement. But if we are surrounded by the things that inspire us, then we become more disciplined to preserve in the face of obstacles.

And in today’s episode, I’ll be talking about things that inspire us here at Bumper Leads and will be sharing some of my favourite quotes throughout.

Reading the philosophy of Stoicism

Recently I’ve subscribed to the Calm app and there is a great Story about Stoics Philosophy narrated by Ryan Holiday who wrote the book Obstacle is The Way.
He talks about one of the last rulers of the Roman empire called Marcus Aurelius, who also wrote his memoir called Meditations in 180BC – which is revered as one of the greatest works of philosophy.

I was inspired by Marcus as he talked about the regular need to journal your thoughts and the importance of having a morning routine.

Why is this so important?

When you think about it, Marcus was a leader of an empire. People used to look up to him for guidance. He had to be mentally ready to face the day. He would often journal in the morning, making important decisions while walking in nature (not when sitting down) and if he ever had a moment where he questioned himself, he would write this in his journal. The biggest question he had was: Why should I wake up today? And his answer that he wrote, is “because I have a job to do”.

Even Marcus wasn’t inspired to wake up every day – He saw it as his duty to do so.

Highly recommend downloading the Calm app and listening to this 30min story.

This led me to meeting Pauline Nguyen, who is known as The Spiritual Entrepreneur. She is well sought after around the world. Pauline hardly does any marketing promotions herself. I was referred to Pauline by a client.

Pauline wrote a book called The Way of The Spiritual Entrepreneur, – The 7 Secrets to becoming fearless, stress free and unshakable in business and in life.
She is a multi award winning author and a business person.

To me Pauline is like the Kobra Kai (if you watched the Karate Kid you would know what I’m talking about), She is my sensei giving me tools to arm myself whenever I feel stressed. Pauline has some inspirational quotes that I want to read to you today:

  • Your body is the instrument of consciousness
  • The feeling is the secret
  • Live by design, not by default
  • Evolve, don’t repeat
  • Clear old shit, make room for new
  • Everything starts with a decision.
  • FYI – Follow Your Irritation
  • The universe is responding to what you’re broadcasting
  • The universe will only hand to you which it thinks you can handle

Based on her teachings, I’ve implemented regular meditations into my daily life, starting with a Samurai breath technique in the morning and a 5mile run listening to her Calm Courage meditation. I also incorporate lunchtime walks in nature whenever I’m contemplating about my day.

According to Pauline, rest is a weapon. We need rest in order to create great shit.

In order for business owners to feel inspired each day, Pauline says, that we have to ask ourselves this 1 question –

What do I need to do to feel the way I want to feel today?

And then you goya – get off your arse and do it.


Well that is it from me today

In the next episode, I will have Milena (my crazy twin sister) join me and we will talk about how you can drive business success by building a marketing growth system so that you can fall in love with your business again….of course.

Until next time, ciao for now

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