Transform Your Business by Systematising and Automating - Chris L Davis
Most business owners have so much to do and so little time to do it, which is why creating systems within a business is crucial. You can easily transform your business by systematising and automating most of your processes.
Business is made up of a series of processes, and Chris Davis from Automation Bridge tells us that once we map out our internal processes, we can then find a platform to help us automate these so that we can save time on the repetitive tasks and focus more on executing and creating.
And at the time of publishing this episode, we are operating in the COVID-19 recession, so having online systems in our businesses is more important than ever!
By streamlining your operations and creating automated workflows, you’ll have more time to spend working on your business, rather than working on the nitty gritty of daily operations.
From streamlining customer acquisition to automatically sending out email newsletters or managing a company’s social media, creating systems can completely transform the way a business is run.
Once we sort through this business problem, we then have to think about technology.
And this is what Chris L Davis from Automation Bridge, is all about!
Chris shares his insights from working with a myriad of business owners. He tells us what the future holds for marketing automation technologies and explains what the difference is between various different CRM’s.
You no longer need expensive enterprise mainframe systems in order to transform your business through systematising and automating. Everything we need is in the cloud.
So if you’ve been meaning to work on your business during the coronavirus outbreak (which is when this episode is published), then you must tune into the show and get busy systematising.
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