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I’m excited to close off this season with a company that we’ve all grown up with. Everyone of us would’ve used their platform to kickstart our careers in digital marketing or if you’re a business owner, who has a website, you would’ve seen their logo everywhere online and used their platform to automate your first marketing email.

My guest today is Adam Anger, who is the Chief Sales Officer and Head of International at Intuit Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is a brand that has inspired many of us and it continues to surprise us. With the recent acquisition by Intuit, Mailchimp will be expanding their offering to serve more small and mid-sized business by integrating with Intuit product suite. Think Quickbooks Online and Mailchimp Deep
Data integration. Exciting!

I’ve met Adam Anger here in Melbourne, Australia as they are also expanding offices globally and are looking to partner with more savvy digital marketers and help more small businesses thrive.


Adam Anger, Chief Sales Officer and Head of International, Intuit Mailchimp

Adam Anger is the Chief Sales Officer and Head of International at Intuit Mailchimp, the #1 email marketing and automation platform, where he’s responsible for revenue growth and global expansion. He leads the sales, customer onboarding and education, and international teams that empower small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) to grow and better serve their customers. Adam joined Mailchimp from Google where he was Managing Director of Google Customer Solutions and led teams responsible for helping SMBs grow with Google Ads.

Before Google, Adam spent more than 20 years at Microsoft, most recently as the General Manager of their Asia Pacific Consumer Online business. Prior to that, he held various marketing, sales, and general management roles in Asia, Europe, and at Microsoft’s global headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

Adam serves on the Board of Directors of a consumer products company, Or Tea™, and also on the Alumni Board of Governors of the Ross School of Business. Adam graduated from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and currently resides in New York City.

I’m excited to dive into this episode!


[00:01:22] Adam’s Background and The Future of Mailchimp
[00:05:27] Email marketing and AI evolution with Intuit Product Suites
[00:10:02] Email marketing renaissance
[00:15:18] AI-powered customer segmentation
[00:16:22] Email marketing and Gen AI
[00:20:13] MailChimp’s Global Expansion and Partnership program
[00:25:43] MailChimp’s endless future

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Intuit Mailchimp Event in London and Sydney is called From Here, To There and you can register ⁠here⁠

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Key Highlights from What’s Next For Mailchimp Episode:


Intuit Acquisition: Adam discussed how Mailchimp is expanding its offerings by integrating with Intuit’s product suite, including QuickBooks Online. This integration aims to provide deep data insights and a more comprehensive service suite for businesses.


Global Expansion: Mailchimp is not just enhancing its product but also expanding its global footprint, with new offices and partnerships worldwide, including in Melbourne, Australia.


AI and Personalization: A significant focus for Mailchimp is leveraging AI to offer hyper-personalized marketing solutions. Adam highlighted how AI is being used to auto-generate customer segments and assist in creating more effective marketing content, particularly email subject lines.


Future Roadmap: Looking ahead, Mailchimp aims to be part of a larger business suite that addresses comprehensive business needs — from financial management with QuickBooks to advanced marketing strategies powered by AI.


Partnership Opportunities: Adam also touched on the enhanced partnership program at Mailchimp, which offers competitive terms and collaborative opportunities for digital marketing agencies.


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