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A hands-off core service and automated premium upsells - A CASE STUDY

The problem

This B2B client had a one-to-many business model that involved a highly niched, expensive product. Their customers would submit their own listing data and the client worked as a broker of sorts to connect them with the right buyers. They had a small sales team and needed to find ways to scale their listing business and be more hands-off.

The client had a vision of creating a one stop shop for selling, buying, ferrying, insuring, valuing and financing the end product by allowing sellers and buyers to communicate directly with each other instead of going through a broker for smaller transactions. This would allow the business to operate largely on autopilot allowing the client to focus on offering premium brokerage services to his VIPs.

The client was very new to automations and needed help to clarify and automate as much as possible so that each seller and buyer could have a seamless experience on their platform with as little manual input as possible. He also needed a process for identifying and upselling the right customers into his high end broker service.

The solution

We ran the Bumper Blueprint and workshopped to identify the key stages of the sales process from the initial listing up to the final payment. This involved understanding their segmentation levels and also when was the best time to upsell or cross sell different services to add extra revenue to the business.

We identified how much automation we needed, what level of segmentation was necessary, and which platforms would play nice while allowing for scalability. We then set about building a smart and seamless customer experience online that would save time and money for the client and help them focus on selling higher level products.

We also set up various automations that made it easier for them to accept and manage appointments without all the manual work they were doing before.

The result

With some big goals and a small budget, we were able to achieve the ultimate vision for our client using Active Campaign, Woocommerce, Zapier and WordPress. The owner is completely hands-off and automations take care of upselling his 1:1 consulting services.

Active Campaign pulls a lot of different data into its system, which has turned into a sales funnel. Transactions happen automatically thanks to our automations and if the initial listing is not successful, reminders are sent to the seller to either upgrade their listing or hire a broker to help with the sale.

So the business makes money on autopilot and the right customers are automatically upsold into the higher end brokerage service.

Feedback from the client:

This has been a unique project – with some complex functionality and a bespoke set of problems to overcome and manage, including budget. You have worked diligently and professionally in producing the best possible outcomes for my business.

You have not only met, but exceeded, my professional expectations. You have done this with seemingly incredible ease, consistent professionalism and poise. From my side, as the client, I am immensely grateful to you. Thank you.

From a clunky outdated platform to a sleek automated marketing solution - A CASE STUDY

The problem

Owners of a mechanical engineering repair business were going through an ISO1000 process, and wanted to have a seamless way to integrate a marketing automation solution with their existing business. They had tried to set it up on their own before realising how overwhelming it can be. Although quite tech savvy, the company needed strategy and direction.

The solution

One of the standout things we noticed during their personalised Bumper Blueprint session was that the business wasn’t using the best platform for its needs. We migrated them from their old CRM to a better and more agile platform.

Then we implemented a whole marketing automation solution that has transformed their business. Which included new ways to capture walk-in leads, something they had no clear process for doing before.

Doubled revenue and reduced workforce. A lean and profitable business! - A CASE STUDY

The problem

This Singaporean company sells art for investors by offering leasing and rentals for their artwork to a large network of business customers. This provides their investors with both a capital and a rental yield.

They came to us looking for a marketing automations partner that would help them to grow using smart marketing strategies combined with the power of technology.

The solution

We ran the Bumper Blueprint workshop with the client, and worked closely with their local Singaporean marketing consultant to piece together their sales and marketing process.

After analysing the gaps and opportunities in their current setup, we designed and implemented an end-to-end sales and marketing automated system that was built for scale. Then we trained their sales teams to use the client’s purpose-built sales and marketing system successfully.

We also reviewed their existing email marketing practices and redesigned their newsletters for more opens, clicks, and brand loyalty. After identifying areas where they could save money using different technology, we connected Salesforce CRM with a more affordable marketing solution for small businesses.

Built an automated and dynamic two-way sync between the two systems, that looked at over 500+ metric data points. Eventually after 3yrs, we migrated their entire business to ActiveCampaign for both their sales and marketing needs.

The result

Over the 3 years that we’ve worked with this client, they’ve increased their database from 52,000 to 80,000+. Their CLTV (customer lifetime value) has risen significantly from an average of SGD$25,000 to well over SGD$58,000.

Overall the business went from turning over SGD450K per month to over SGD1M per month.

Originally they had 7 sales staff that were taking care of a lot of manual sales processes and manual work. Thanks to the sales and marketing system we implemented, they have leaned their workforce down to 3 staff while doubling their business.

Solid proof of how marketing automation can help you achieve much more with far less!

Are You Ready To Get Started? Here’s How!

If you want to start generating more leads and sales on autopilot, save time and money on marketing that isn’t working, and start feeling excited about your business again.

The first step is to order your marketing and growth plan:

The Bumper Blueprint.

Here’s how it works –

Step 1. Analyse

The Bumper Leads team will analyse your website and marketing from top to tail.

We’ll assess the gaps where you’re missing opportunities to generate more revenue, and design an actionable roadmap to dramatically improve your results.

Step 2. Present

Our Head Honcho Jovana will then present our findings to you via Zoom, going step by step through the opportunities we found, and how to take action on them.

The session usually runs for 2-3 hours, and is recorded so you can review it as many times as you like with your business partners or team. You’ll also receive the presentation slides to keep.

Step 3. Action

You’ll walk away from our whiteboard session with clear strategies for getting more time, money, and freedom out of your business.

If you choose to have us implement your done-for-you funnel at this point, it will take around 10 weeks. If not, you’ll still walk away with a clear and highly actionable path to your business goals.

Sounds good? Great!

Book your personalised Bumper Blueprint using the link below. You’ll be taken to our booking form where you can make your payment and schedule your presentation call.

** To get the most out of a Bumper Blueprint, it’s best that you’ve been in business for at least 1 year and have some online traffic.