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A fertility supplement store with ‘leaky buckets’ - A CASE STUDY



 uptick in revenue


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Automated sales

The problem

A fertility supplement store owner came to us with lots of ‘leaky buckets’ in her business. She was using Active Campaign but had very limited automations set up, and so she was losing loads of opportunities to keep her customers spending big and coming back often. 

The store owner knew her technology was capable of so much more… but she felt overwhelmed and confused at where to start. 

The solution

We evaluated her business using the Bumper Blueprint, and then got to work plugging the leaks in her sales funnels. We set up multiple new automations including an exit popup, a new welcome sequence, and abandoned cart sequence. 

We also set up segmenting so the store owner could get to know her customers priorities, and purchase tracking so she could see who her best customers were, and present them with special offers and deals to keep them happy. 

Lastly we set up all-important list hygiene automations to keep her open and click rates high, her list responsive and active, and her emails out of the spam box.

The result

With her new sales and marketing automations running smoothly, and her list clean and nurtured, our client’s business has transformed. The owner saves an enormous amount of time following up with leads and sending out manual messages. It’s all automated, giving our client time to focus where she’s needed most. 

Over 1 year of working with us, annual revenue jumped by $40k and our client was making most of her email revenue from automated funnels. Her email list also grew by 400% organically thanks to the lead capture strategies we implemented – we didn’t spend a dime on ads! 

It goes to show the power of marketing automation.

Annual Revenue (Online sales)

BEFORE (the green colour is revenue from Automations)

Annual Revenue (Online sales)

1 year later

Annual Revenue (Online sales) After graph

Streamlined lead generation process saves time and money - A Case Study

The problem

Before engaging us, this consulting client was facing a major problem. The client had high organic traffic but no way of capturing it. But because their conversion rates were so low, it was throttling this front-end momentum. And wasting a lot of advertising dollars!

They had moved to a new website and were doing digital marketing to attract leads which were coming via organic and paid channels. Fortunately they had also built up a good reputation and attracted a lot of referrals. But these clients were being kind of neglected due to lack of back-end systems within their business.

We immediately saw that they were using a CRM that was inflexible and difficult to use when trying to send marketing communications. As a result there was a lot of double handling and manual work to follow up with their leads, which slowed down the business and cost them in lost revenue.

The solution

After completing their Bumper Blueprint session, it became apparent that in order to scale faster, this client needed to simplify and automate their sales process so they could focus on serving more clients. We also identified gaps in how they nurture their leads before they are signed on as a client.

We also advised the client on what type of lead magnet works best in their industry and created the optin forms and welcome sequences to boost their leads even more.

Lastly, we designed an automation to help them qualify their enquiries to save them from wasting time on sales calls with unsuitable prospects.

The result

Overall, we’ve streamlined their lead generation process and saved them loads of time every week! The client is extremely happy and is now looking to hire us to help them with an upcoming webinar campaign.

Bespoke sales funnels and less manual work - A CASE STUDY

The problem

A mortgage broker consulting business came to us overwhelmed by manual tasks. Their CRM’s native integration with ActiveCampaign had stopped working, so they were sending out newsletters manually to clients using Mailchimp. This was getting too hard to manage as they were very busy! So their goal was to simplify everything so they could help more clients without working harder.

The solution

Together we workshopped and implemented individual sales funnels for each broker to help them convert more leads into clients with less manual work. We also streamlined their technology, integrating a new CRM without having to upgrade or increase their monthly technology costs. This eliminated a need for Mailchimp since their new CRM can handle both.

The result

The client was super thrilled and has more time than ever before to focus on what matters most. We’re currently working on replicating our solution to all of their brokers, which is going to further transform their business.

Are You Ready To Get Started? Here’s How!

If you want to start generating more leads and sales on autopilot, save time and money on marketing that isn’t working, and start feeling excited about your business again.

The first step is to order your marketing and growth plan:

The Bumper Blueprint.

Here’s how it works –

Step 1. Analyse

The Bumper Leads team will analyse your website and marketing from top to tail.

We’ll assess the gaps where you’re missing opportunities to generate more revenue, and design an actionable roadmap to dramatically improve your results.

Step 2. Present

Our Head Honcho Jovana will then present our findings to you via Zoom, going step by step through the opportunities we found, and how to take action on them.

The session usually runs for 2-3 hours, and is recorded so you can review it as many times as you like with your business partners or team. You’ll also receive the presentation slides to keep.

Step 3. Action

You’ll walk away from our whiteboard session with clear strategies for getting more time, money, and freedom out of your business.

If you choose to have us implement your done-for-you funnel at this point, it will take around 10 weeks. If not, you’ll still walk away with a clear and highly actionable path to your business goals.

Sounds good? Great!

Book your personalised Bumper Blueprint using the link below. You’ll be taken to our booking form where you can make your payment and schedule your presentation call.

** To get the most out of a Bumper Blueprint, it’s best that you’ve been in business for at least 1 year and have some online traffic.