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An instant boost in user engagement and revenue - A CASE STUDY

The problem

An online Will creation and management platform came to us with a churn problem to solve. Although they had been in business for 9 years, they had never put a marketing automation system in place. So they were finding that user drop-off was significant due to lack of follow-up and reminders to users to keep their Will up to date. They needed a system to segment their users and stay front-of-mind to bring users back to the platform regularly. 

The solution

After running a Bumper Blueprint workshop, we found that the most pressing importance was for the business to reduce churn by segmenting leads and sending them timely messages. We implemented automated messaging to show users how to use the platform and encourage them to complete the Will creation process. We worked with Zoho CRM and merged their sales and marketing automations together to include ongoing personalised touch points as well.

The result

The business has seen an instant boost in their user engagement on their platform, with more sales and annual renewals than ever before. They are also now able to upsell different products offered through their large partners, further adding to their revenue.

A customised online delivery model that’s built for scale - A case study

The problem

This client is in the Speech Therapy industry and hosts regular workshops for kids with disabilities. When the pandemic began and businesses locked down, they found themselves without a method for reaching their audience.

If they wanted to survive, they needed to pivot online and develop systems that could attract and nurture new leads into paying clients. They also needed a way to deliver their workshops online and keep their community connected.

The solution

We ran the Bumper Blueprint workshop with the business owners and their marketing team. During which we mapped out all the funnels for their lead nurturing, sales and marketing. We also worked out exactly what they needed to deliver their online programs, identified the best technology to meet their needs in the most cost-effective way, and designed the platform to suit them perfectly.

Then it was time to build! We built out their new online program’s custom platform within 6 weeks, allowing the business to get back up and running quickly.

We also reviewed their existing email marketing practices and redesigned their newsletters for more opens, clicks, and brand loyalty. After identifying areas where they could save money using different technology, we connected Salesforce CRM with a more affordable marketing solution for small businesses.

Built an automated and dynamic two-way sync between the two systems, that looked at over 500+ metric data points. Eventually after 3yrs, we migrated their entire business to ActiveCampaign for both their sales and marketing needs.

The result

Having an online service delivery model saved the business during the pandemic, and has now become their biggest revenue stream. It has allowed them to serve more clients around Australia and scale their classes beyond what could have happened in-person.

Their bigger online capacity also means they can cater to larger organisations, which will help more people and allow the business to hit some pretty exciting revenue milestones.

The client is super excited about the possibilities for their business – the sky’s the limit!

Are You Ready To Get Started? Here’s How!

If you want to start generating more leads and sales on autopilot, save time and money on marketing that isn’t working, and start feeling excited about your business again.

The first step is to order your marketing and growth plan:

The Bumper Blueprint.

Here’s how it works –

Step 1. Analyse

The Bumper Leads team will analyse your website and marketing from top to tail.

We’ll assess the gaps where you’re missing opportunities to generate more revenue, and design an actionable roadmap to dramatically improve your results.

Step 2. Present

Our Head Honcho Jovana will then present our findings to you via Zoom, going step by step through the opportunities we found, and how to take action on them.

The session usually runs for 2-3 hours, and is recorded so you can review it as many times as you like with your business partners or team. You’ll also receive the presentation slides to keep.

Step 3. Action

You’ll walk away from our whiteboard session with clear strategies for getting more time, money, and freedom out of your business.

If you choose to have us implement your done-for-you funnel at this point, it will take around 10 weeks. If not, you’ll still walk away with a clear and highly actionable path to your business goals.

Sounds good? Great!

Book your personalised Bumper Blueprint using the link below. You’ll be taken to our booking form where you can make your payment and schedule your presentation call.

** To get the most out of a Bumper Blueprint, it’s best that you’ve been in business for at least 1 year and have some online traffic.