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Retail Marketing Automation

Retail marketing automation workshop with Jovana Vujnic

We build retail marketing automation solutions that bring more customers to your store, boost their spend, and keep them loyal to your brand.

Are you looking to grow your ecommerce store, but feel stressed and overwhelmed a lot of the time?

Every retailer wants to improve lead conversions, increase cart value, and get more repeat customers. But they’re often so busy running their store that they never get enough time to ‘figure out’ the retail marketing automation technology that can help them do it.

As a result they’re working too hard, stuck in ‘tech overwhelm’, and missing opportunities to grow and profit.

We combine customer-first strategy with smart retail marketing automation technology to help grow your ecommerce empire.

We see the things that you have missed about why your customers aren’t buying more. Things like points of friction, confusing messaging, and of course missed opportunities to maximise each customer’s cart and buying frequency.

Then we deploy retail marketing automation systems that give your customers the ultimate shopping experience that fuels better business growth. Our systems are easy to use, so you can say goodbye to tech overwhelm and get on with growing your business.

Get excited about the possibilities for your store

It’s time to ditch your tedious manual tasks, and start leveraging retail marketing automation workflows that do the heavy lifting across sales, marketing, customer service, and wholesale.

Email Marketing

Welcome and nurture customers via email to build relationships and keep your brand front-of-mind.

Lead Scoring

Tag, segment, and reward customers by buying behaviour and lifetime spend to maximise their lifetime value.

Marketing Promotions

Easily schedule promotional campaigns to run seasonally or be sent to customers based on their recent behaviour or buying history.

Sales Pipeline

Automatically segment, monitor, track, and nurture retail and wholesale customers from one buying stage to the next.

Enhanced communication

Track customer behaviour and use the data to trigger the right buying messages at the right time.

Loyalty program

Get more repeat purchases by automating a VIP program that keeps customers coming back to your store.

Win back program

Save abandoned carts and reignite old customers with targeted messages across email and Facebook.

Custom workflows

Use dynamic data to personalise each customer’s journey and give them an in-store concierge experience at home.

Upsell and cross sells

Leverage more dollars from every cart by presenting customers with the right offers based on their sitewide behaviour.

We’re a different kind of Automation Agency

Brainstorming  ideas on perfect retail marketing automation solutions

A proven blueprint for scaling ecommerce stores

After spending years helping ecommerce stores to implement marketing automation and CRM software, we have developed our own unique marketing growth system – a customer-centric strategy that helps you generate more leads, convert more followers into customers, and maximise their lifetime buying capacity at your store.

We call this The Bumper Blueprint.

To begin, we deep-dive into where you are now and where you want to be. Then we design innovative solutions to bridge the gap using cost-effective software that automates everything for you. 

By the way, we don’t just automate. We offer end-to-end strategy for enhanced customer attraction, conversion, and retention. 

→ Lead generation

→ Sales funnels

→ Nurturing and loyalty  

→ Wholesale sales

Our customer-first strategies are supported by smart retail marketing automation that allows you to focus on growing your business. We build future-proof, scalable systems that grow with you and give you outstanding ROI.

Say goodbye to tech overwhelm

We remove the ‘tech overwhelm’ for busy business owners struggling to make their software work for them. We’re experts in major platforms like Klayvio, Omnisend, ActiveCampaign, and more. 

Let us get your technology talking to each other and working hard to run your back-end 24/7, while you get on with growing your business. We help you capitalise on functionality you aren’t using enough (or at all), using inexpensive technology solutions that are effective without being confusing or overly complicated. 

When we show our clients the possibilities for their store, they often say –

“I never thought of doing that…”
“I had no idea it could be done that way…”

We make it our business to be experts in all the latest software, so you don’t have to be.  

Consulting with our client on how to automate their retail store
Corey discussing retail marketing automation systems with a client

People-focused, data driven retail marketing automation

Your customers aren’t robots, and neither are we. Our strategies combine enhanced user experience with the right technology to automate your sales pipeline, optimise your conversions, and give your customers the ultimate shopping experience that keeps them coming back again and again.

We utilise your store’s data to make smart workflows that help your business grow on autopilot. Our tech solutions include user-friendly software that does the work for you…  without you needing to spend $1,000s on developers or need a PhD in computing!


If your ecommerce business has a wholesale arm, you need a separate system where you can keep track of orders, run promotions, and nurture wholesale customers from enquiry to purchase. 

Some of the systems we create for our wholesale clients – 

  • Custom workflows that make manual follow-up a thing of the past.
  • Dynamic pricing and percentage discounts for specific customers, products, or groups.
  • Streamlined inventory and order management.
  • Marketing campaigns and special offers based on previous buying history and customer demographics.
  • A smart CRM that keeps track of prospects deal stages, sending automated pre-filled templated emails at the right time as the customer moves through your sales pipeline.

Wholesale ecommerce marketing automation can take your sales, marketing, purchase and inventory analysis, customer service, inventory management, and back-office operations off your hands, so you can spend your time where it’s needed most.

Retail marketing automation growth systems for every platform

Solutions like Shopify and Woocommerce are amazing tools… but most ecommerce store owners only use them to 10% of their capability. We can turn your technology into a superbrain  that drives your store’s growth. 

Some of the tools we work with regularly include:

Shopify logo

Shopify marketing automation

Woocommerce logo

WooCommerce marketing automation

Klaviyo logo

Sales funnels, email marketing and CRM functionality using Klaviyo

Omnisend logo

Email and SMS marketing automation

And many more…




✔ 30% revenue growth ✔ 3 hours a day saved ✔ 40% email list growth


The problem


Although this online soap retailer had a wholesale arm to their business, they came to us without any wholesale sales nurture process.

Their many outreach and follow up communications were done manually, which was a full-time job within itself!

Although the client had tried to set up some technology to help them with these tasks themselves, nothing was working.

They had been going back and forth with their marketing automation platform Help Desk, and had signed up to some online courses, but they were making little progress and feeling more confused than ever.

They finally decided to look for an expert. Simple tasks were taking way too long, and they were completely overwhelmed by their technology. It was supposed to be making their lives better… but it was just an extra headache. There were always issues whether website related or automation related. Enough was enough!


The solution


We built a wholesale nurture process from scratch, designed to perfectly fit their business needs. In our new automated system, all new enquiries are captured into the CRM and followed up with automatically, saving them hours of manual work every day. We also built automations to send top up reminders based on their wholesale client’s order volumes on autopilot.

On their retail side, we installed a new lead capture form with a juicy freebie offer.

We optimised their abandoned cart email sequence, and created 66 new automations to nurture both the wholesale and retail side of their business.


The result


Streamlining the client’s wholesale work has saved around 3 hours a day on manual work required to follow up with stockists.

The client is able to work on their business, focusing on growth-related tasks such as interviewing new staff members, planning their marketing campaigns, and focusing on advertising to grow their customer base.

Additionally, our automations and improvements have increased the client’s overall annual revenue by 30%.

The client now makes more money by working smart not hard. There is a huge benefit to any retailer who is looking to merge both retail and wholesale departments together using marketing automation.

Are you an established retail store owner looking to scale and grow?

Book a 20-minute call to discover how to turn more stock into cash without working harder (actually you’ll work a lot less).

Some recent client results

Relish Mama - Retail Marketing Automation Growth System

 “One of the most wonderful companies that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. These guys really know their stuff. They are also incredibly passionate about what they do and what impact it can have on a business. What they have done for our marketing automation is fabulous and I honestly don’t think we would have received the care and such personal service anywhere else. Well done Jovana, Corey & Milena and all the team at Bumper leads and a million thank yous from us.”


“I have been working with Bumper Leads for two years and I cannot recommend them enough! Jovana is super knowledgeable and always ready to help. As a small business owner, it is so important to have someone like her on your side…”


Insync Designs - Shopify retail marketing automation growth system
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