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Over the years, I’ve worked with many different coaches from all kinds of niches. Small amount of coaches have the perfect sales funnel for bringing leads into their business. Just like a coach, I also own a service-based business, and in that time I’ve come to realise that one of the single biggest challenges we all have is being able to scale our business.

As service providers, we often have to trade time for money, so we often go through the period of “feast and famine” (also commonly referred to as “hustle”).


This is what “feast and famine” cycle looks like for our clients:


> Market like crazy to attract their new clients

> Celebrate because they won the work!

> Devote time to get the work done for their clients

> Panic – your sales pipeline is dry

> They have no more work coming in, now back to content marketing, networking, cold calling, workshops and the list goes on.


I think this image best illustrates what happens behind the scenes for many coaching businesses.

How To Build The Perfect Sales Funnel for Coaches & Grow Your Business

Frankly speaking, if you’re a coach who is ‘all over the shop’, it’s time to put a STOP to this.


The way I like to do this is to use technology and automate as much of my sales process as possible.

Most coaches will have repetitive, tedious processes when it comes to onboarding their clients. This is where having a Marketing Automation system can really help to grow your coaching biz.

It can take care of every repetitive process you have in your business, so that you and your team can focus on the tasks that matter the most when it comes to growing your brand. (To get an idea on the types of tasks you can automate, grab our free checklist called Marketing Automation Tasks That Save you 10+ Hours a Week)


Whether you’re automating your sales process or the onboarding process, we recommend to use ActiveCampaign for these types of tasks, but you can also achieve this with Mailchimp or similar.


Most importantly, we need to have a system that captures a consistent stream of clients and reduces the time it takes to convert leads.


It all starts with your sales strategy. This is your BIG secret for creating the perfect sales funnel.


The key is to write down your sales process for how you’d like to take a stranger and convert them into a prospect for your coaching business.

The strategy has to be so simple that it fits on a napkin. It needs to be simple because you have to repeat it every time, using technology.

This is how you build a funnel online.


So if you’re wondering what a perfect sales funnel looks like, for a coach who wants to scale their business and earn over $100k per year, then you need to consider the following:



> You need a website or a sales page


> You need an easily digestible lead magnet (opt-in form for your leads to download)


> An automated 30-min video recording of you presenting about what you do and how you can help your clients, making reference to your lead magnet


> A 6-month nurture sequence that segments your leads as they come in




Well, easier said than executed that’s for sure.


Most people get stuck on the “what to write” and “what technology to use”.


I wouldn’t be recommending ClickFunnels or LeadPages at this stage, because these are just tools. They will not help you if you don’t have a robust sales process in place already.

From a marketing perspective, the key is just to get started, test your offer with the audience you’re trying to attract and once you find your sweet spot, only then invest time in making it all perfect.

Most coaches overcomplicate their sales funnels.

They give their visitors 100’s of options to choose from, aren’t clear in what they do or who they serve, and talk a lot about themselves.

Everytime we meet coaches, we spend about 80% of our time discussing their ideal client, their unique message and their framework to deliver the coaching.

And only 20% of the time is spent discussing what technology to use to implement the funnel.

If you’re interested in having someone help you design your own perfect sales funnel, we can help you by taking all the guesswork out and implementing it for you.


For example:


> We design high converting sales pages including all the other pages that people often forget!

> We design lead magnets including content

> We do the copywriting (content) for your email sequences

> We integrate everything so you don’t have to lift a finger

> You focus on delivering your message with your audience



Marketing Automation for Coaches


For more information on how you can save hours on repeatable tasks in your business > Download our FREE Gift 30 Automation Tasks That Save You 10+ Hours a Week. When you download the checklist, you’ll be added to our welcome series where you can see marketing automation in action!

Looking for more information on Sales Funnels in your coaching business? Then checkout our comprehensive article on Sales Funnels and how you can apply them in your business.

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