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Is SEO as we know it dead? I know this is a bold statement, but let me explain.

Technically speaking, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Good SEO will rank your website on the first page of Google and other search engines for your preferred search terms.

Google and other search engines scan the net to find your business which will only appear if your content is of good quality and is relevant to your customers’ search.

If you know how to do SEO you know how much it is taxing your resources in terms of time, money and effort.

Not to mention, once you learn how many choices you have with SEO, and all the techniques and updates that occur, you’ll be pulling your hair out and screaming crazy talk!

Google only (or search engine-only) SEO used to be the bees-knees when it came to digital marketing.

But it no longer is.

Since 2006 onwards, customers are now using social media to research and find information. And most of the social media platforms have their own algorithms that change constantly.

This means that Search Engine Optimisation should stand for Social Engine Optimization.

SEO is no good if you don’t have a solid list building strategy and marketing automation enabled with appropriate lead magnets designed to let customers into your business.

The easy way to rank high on any search or social media engine? 

 Quality content – this drives traffic to your website which is perfectly optimized for conversion.

This is one hell of a cocktail worth drinking!

So what does this mean for you business?

This means you can Google-proof your business!

So whatever the Gods of Google decide to do with their next algorithm change, you are not worried about this.

We can help you achieve this by turning your cold-traffic into hot buyers – contact us.

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